Saturday, October 28, 2017

World Series Reading!

Hi Everyone!

I'm sorry I'm a little late -- had planned to do this last night but I got caught up in the World Series -- as you may know, I'm from Houston so was easily sucked in!

I really don't watch the Astro's that much -- when Bud Selig made them move from the National Conference to the American Conference, I had a hard time following them.  I'm kind of old school at times, so I like the National game better.  In the National conference, it's a strategy game -- you use your entire roster and constantly adjust pitchers and pinch hitters.  In the American conference, it's a physical game -- you just let your best ten players play most of the game.  Not a lot of strategy.

Anyway, even though I prefer National Conference baseball, it is World Series time after all --

OK, enough about baseball, let's go on to this weekend's reading.

I'll give you a quick preview -- you can ALWAYS find a way to improve things!  Watch the video for the details ...

Here's the link at in case the video isn't displaying ...

That's it until Monday -- everyone have a great weekend!



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