Tuesday, April 08, 2014

From a Nature Trail

New video reading posted from a Texas Nature Trail -- Woodsong Video Tarot Reading

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

New Bear Creek Park Reading

Hi There!

Results of your comments regarding video readings vs posted readings -- about 100% in favor of the video readings!  So -- there's a new one just posted right here!

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I really enjoy doing the video readings!  I've been scouting neat locations in the area for future readings -- am looking at parks, nature sanctuaries, historical Western locations, ghost towns ... even haunted locations!  (There's actually a number of places that comprise Haunted Houston)

I'll probably also post some readings from neat places in the region -- like San Antonio, Austin (when the bats fly -- downtown Austin is home to a massive bat colony), spots in Louisiana, and so on.  I'll keep you posted.

One thing I noticed I don't do in the video readings is where I used to ramble and "visit" during the first part of the postings.  I thought I'd take a moment here and do some "rambling" -- the reading will still be on Youtube, but I just wanted to pass a little time visiting.

Our season at Sherwood Forest Faire ended this past weekend -- eight weeks every spring!  This was a really rough season weather-wise -- lots of cold and wet weekends (way too many of them!)  One day the weather was so bad (cold ... I mean COLD ... and wet) that the faire actually closed down mid-afternoon!  I've never heard of that happening before.  The faire owners invited all the brave (or fool-hardy) souls who ventured into the inclement weather to come spend time inside our new castle (yes, we have a real castle at Sherwood Forest!).  The entertainment acts all moved inside the castle as well and put on a warm and dry show for everyone.

I'll miss the faire -- but it was pretty tiring.  We did have some outstanding days and pretty much shattered our individual day attendance records (This was the fifth year of the faire).

Outside of faire, I've been keeping pretty busy.  Work stuff has been hopping -- plus I've started playing music in bands again.  Am playing in a blues group, a rock group, a jazz group, an eclectic group (lots of originals) ... and even a Big Band group!  My fingers still aren't healed enough to let me play guitar, so I've been mainly playing trumpet, flugelhorn, piano/organ -- even drums (our drummer didn't show one night!)  The last time I used to play with groups was way back (WAY BACK) when I was in college -- it's really fun to start picking it up again.

Now that faire is over (and I get my weekends back), I'm planning to start building more vardos for

our site at Sherwood Forest.  I've got my original one that I'll use ... and am hoping to add at least two more for this next season.

Not planning on making more bowtops like this one -- thinking of a French-style "roulotte" (think canopy bed on wheels) and a traditional Romany "ledge" style.

I'll post pictures when I get them finished!

Guess I've rambled enough -- thanks for taking the time to visit!  Let me know if you have any neat stuff going on -- I'd love to hear about it!

More next time ...  Woodsong