Friday, October 23, 2009

The lights are NEVER all Green at the same time!

Hi -- hope your week's been going well! I am SO ready for allergy season to be over and done with!

Visited the Texas Renaissance Festival last weekend -- brought my almost one-year-old grand daughter who dressed up as a fairy (pink onesie, pink nylon netting wings and skirt). She had a ball -- it was one of those perfect weather weekends and the crowds all came out. I wasn't expecting that big a crowd -- Texas was playing Oklahoma in football and I figured that would keep a lot of people at home watching TV. Didn't happen!

Anyway, she really got a kick out of watching all the colorful hullaballoo (and there was plenty of it!). Discovered a new way to drive up there, too. About 70 miles of empty country roads -- really enjoyable and sight-scenic-worthy. Saved us an at least an hour in missed traffic jams!

My in-laws came up that weekend -- my niece brought her laptop which was displaying a white screen only when she turned it on. (Don't know why she thought I would know how to fix it!) Anyway, we Googled "Toshiba Laptop White Screen" and were astonished not only to find explanations of what caused the problem, but also step-by-step photo-diaries of how to fix it! Took about 15 minutes and a couple of jewelry-sized screwdrivers and everything was going again (it was just a loose cable). The internet is wonderful!

How about we get onto that reading!

We'll again pull two cards -- the first suggests something we should focus on for the week. The second suggests things we might consider in order to fully benefit from the attributes of the first card. Our cards this week are:

Knight of Pentacles

Eight of Swords

You know, it sure seems like we've been seeing a lot of Knights lately. This might suggest we consider our projects or wishes that are still in the formative state -- we know what we want, but we haven't quite gotten around to getting things in gear to make them happen yet.

Let's start with our Knight of Pentacles. This is a very strong opinioned card -- he has a position and isn't that open to changing it ... or even listening to alternatives. He probably walks around on his heels because he's digging them in all the time!

As you might expect, he's not a risk-taker. He's very cautious and is hesitant to make a move until every single loose end is addressed and resolved.

Well -- what would you think the end result would be? Do you think this card suggests someone who's ready to leap into action? Or someone who never seems to take that first step because conditions just aren't right yet?

There's a local radio commercial that asks "Are you one of those people who won't go on a drive until you know all the lights are green?" If you're waiting for that -- you'll never get out of the driveway ... because all the lights are NEVER green! You always will find obstacles and issues along your way. Waiting until they don't exist just ensures you never get started.

Let's look at our second card, the Eight of Swords for some additional information. I love Pamela Coleman-Smith's image for this card -- note the lady tied up; her eyes are bound and she's trapped inside a "cage" of swords! Sounds pretty dire, right?

Well, it does -- until you look again at the image. The cords that bind her are pretty loose -- she can easily work herself free and can then remove the mask from her eyes. The "cage" of swords is a pretty loose cage, too -- it's easy to walk between two of the swords and escape. In actuality, this woman is not trapped at all. She's only trapped if she gives up -- but can go free with just a little work on her part.

And that's the message of this card -- to consider whether the obstacle we feel may be blocking us is really that large an obstacle after all. Aren't there ways around it? Don't we always have alternatives? We only lose if we give up our will and our right to choose.

And maybe that's what this reading is suggesting -- perhaps our Knight is feeling blocked and won't move until he sees the road clear ahead of him. Since this will likely never happen, this is a trap of his own devise. If he wants to move ahead, then he should just begin. Difficulties will arise, but he can deal with them as they do. Movement doesn't guarantee success -- but no moving guarantees failure.

Friday, October 16, 2009

First things first ...

Hi -- hope your week's been going well! Another "cold" front passed through -- it's going down to the 70's this weekend! Heading off to the Texas Renaissance Festival this weekend -- taking our grand-daughter for her first time (she's not quite one yet). We've made her a little pink fairy costume with wings.

My grand-daugher's name is "Chloe" -- but my daughter (who's not the greatest speller) put "Chloey" on the birth certificate! One is pronounced "Chloe" -- the other is pronounced "What is that word?" I tend to use the "without Y" spelling, but I figure she'll choose what she wants when she's older.

How about we get onto that reading!

We'll again pull two cards -- the first suggests something we should focus on for the week. The second suggests things we might consider in order to fully benefit from the attributes of the first card. Our cards this week are:

Knight of Wands (Reversed)

Five of Wands (Reversed)

Well, the Knight of Wands is one card I'm very familiar with -- if any card in the deck described me, this would be the one! I think I've used the expression "Ready - Fire - Aim" before -- that's pretty much the concept of this card. Lots of energy and excitement, but direction is lacking. The first part will get you off to a good start, the second part pretty much guarantees you'll get lost half-way through! Since we have a reversal here, I'd pay close attention to that second part. That's the weakness in this card and the most likely cause of the reversal.

Our second card, the Five of Wands offers some suggestions about the problem. This card suggests struggle -- like when you have so many issues demanding your attention that you never quite seem to get going. Since it's also reversed, I'd see this as strongly emphasizing that quality.

Put them together and we get something like this: "If there is a course of action or a project that excites you, strongly consider whether or not you have any loose ends that might hinder you once you've begun. Although you may find the prospect of beginning this new course of action energizing, you may be best served by spending some energy attending to any unresolved issues that may cause you trouble later on. Once you have these cleared away, you'll find the way open spend your full attention on those projects that most interest you."

Friday, October 09, 2009

Clear the way ...

Hi -- hope your week's been going well! We've got our first real "cold" front (as in it'll really lower the temperature a good bit) coming through this weekend. The rain and wind have begun already -- I love this kind of weather! I grew up in South Louisiana, so gloomy-overcast-rainy weather feels so comfortable to me! Thinking of rain, it's supposed to rain in Baton Rouge this weekend for the LSU-Florida game. I'm an LSU alum and LSU's going to need all the breaks they can get to do well in the game. Playing on a muddy field is NOT a good way to start, though!

The rain's been good for my chocolate plants, though. They're not real chocolate plants as in cacao. I have a lot of really shady areas in my yard and struggle to find things that will grow there. Saw the Mexican chocolate plants recommended -- they look like chocolate-flavored coleus. Haven't managed to kill them yet -- I have the complete opposite of a "green thumb"!

How about we get onto that reading!

We'll again pull two cards -- the first suggests something we should focus on for the week. The second suggests things we might consider in order to fully benefit from the attributes of the first card. Our cards this week are:

Eight of Wands (Reversed)

Knight of Cups

The Eight of Wands is one of the two Minor Arcana cards in a Rider-Waite-Smith style deck that don't have a person depicted on the image. Doesn't mean any special -- just a bit of trivia for you!

Typically, this card is associated with movement or action. Looking at the image, you can see why! In the Robin Wood deck (the one I use), the wands emit jets of fire -- like rockets in outer space -- just to make sure you understand what they're about! This card could suggest physical movement or relocation, but more often is associated with initiating action on some project close to you.

Being reversed, this suggests this is a topic that you've been delaying action on. Perhaps you're not ready to take on this challenge, perhaps you're unsure how you want to act. Perhaps you're not sure what choice to make -- just remember that doing nothing is the same as making a choice!

Let's look to our second card for some hints -- the Knight of Cups.

Like all Knights, this card suggests energy wanting to be released. Like all Knights, this card is unsure about the direction in which it should release the energy! If anything, this particular Knight tends to look inwards more than outwards -- and if you're always looking inwards, you tend to miss the things that are happening all around you.

So -- perhaps this could suggest that we're unable to exercise the movement of the Eight of Wands because we're dwelling on internal issues. It's okay to ponder issues that are special to you -- but there has to be an end sometime! If you find yourself hashing and rehashing the same concerns over and over again, realize that you have to let them loose. If you can't resolve them, then just leave them behind you. Consider the active movement available in the Eight of Wands -- by applying that movement, you're able to leave vexing issues behind you. Once you can view them from a distance rather than up close, you may find they weren't as significant as you thought they were!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Could be a good time to ...

Hi -- hope your week's been going well! It's full-blown allergy season in Houston; as usual, it's slammed me pretty hard. I'm staying in the house as much as I can -- even a short trip outside has me sneezing for an hour.

On the related topic of things that grow seasonally, I have an wonderful information source that might interest you. Susan Wittig Albert, a Texas author who writes some really neat detective mysteries, also publishes a wonderful free newsletter on herbs. It's called "All About Thyme" and is a weekly calendar of "Times & Seasonings ... Celebrating the Mysteries, Magic, and Myths of Herbs". You can find this posted on the web at; you can also sign up at that URL to receive the postings via email. It's a lot of fun and she posts lots of great information.

How about we get onto that reading!

We'll again pull two cards -- the first suggests something we should focus on for the week. The second suggests things we might consider in order to fully benefit from the attributes of the first card. Our cards this week are:

Knight of Wands

Ten of Pentacles

I really identify with the Knights in a Tarot deck. Not because I'm noble and gallant or anything -- but because I'm more of a "Ready - Fire - Aim" kind of person. I tend to jump into a project before I plan it all out. Has me doing some backtracking from time to time to fix things I should have forseen (but didn't), but it works for me.

The Knight of Wands is the most "Ready - Fire - Aim" of the group -- not only is he excited about a project, he comes provided with loads of energy to see him through. His is the type of energy that's contagious -- folks around him can feel his passion and become inspired. He's not hesitant because of potential problems -- even if he doesn't know how he'll solve them, he'll still plow ahead confident that he'll be able to overcome any obstacles he comes across.

Will he be successful? Well, our next card, the Ten of Pentacles surely suggests yes! This ten suggests achieving a highly desired outcome -- particularly the outcome of a quest related to finances or physical well-being.

When we put them together, we get a fairly simple message. Don't let fear of failure keep you from trying to achieve what you want -- if you drive forward, you'll be able to resolve any difficulties in order to reach your goal.

So -- this might be a good time to look at losing a few pounds, perhaps start a walking regimen, or maybe preparing more interesting and healthy meals. This might also be a good time to explore professional projects -- maybe take a more active part in projects at work. Not saying you won't run into stumbling blocks (ie: "healthy" and "interesting"? How do you do that!?!) -- you likely will! But ... draw on the energy provided by the Knight of Wands to keep you from becoming discouraged; if the door appears closed, keep banging on it and you will pop it open!