Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Woodsong "Rune Cast" -- Hurricane Harvey Hosted!

Hi Everyone!

It's been about a bazzillion years (actually only 2 plus -- but it feels that long) since I've been here.  I am so sorry for the delay, but I think things will be better from here on.  I've recently retired from a job that took up much of my time -- so hope to devote my regained time to these readings again!

Most of y'all know I live just west of Houston in between Housotn and Katy.  I'm still in the Houston Metro area, so I usually just say I'm from Houston (because no one knows where Katy is!)  It started raining last Friday -- it's Tuesday right now and the rain hasn't stopped since.  You've probably seen the tragic (and inspiring) images and stories from Houston proper -- heart-wrenching stories all.  Makes you realize that this is what the USA spirit is really like.

We've been very fortunate in Katy -- have only received about a fourth of the rain that Houston's seen.  We have some flooding in the area in low spots, but for the most part are okay.  Pretty much every highway and major road is flooded, though -- so there's no getting in or out.  Was a little worried about one of the flood reservoirs that's threatening to overtop the levee -- but levee top is 104 feet above sea level -- my house is 120 feet above, so I think we're okay.

Let's take a look at the reading!  I'm going to do something completely different -- we'll do a rune cast rather than a tarot reading!  Rune Stones are a Nordic tradition -- they somewhat similar to Tarot, but seem to have a more base or personal orientation.  Let's give it a try:

I used a set of runestones that I created and cast three stones in a Past-Present-Future stance.  Here's what it looked like:

These three runes are Dagaz, Sowilo, and Algiz

Dagaz is in the "past" position.  Dagaz suggests sunlight -- being able to clearly see things from different angles.  Doesn't mean there aren't any dangers, but instead suggests there aren't any hidden dangers.  So -- any reads or opinions you have on a particular issue in you past is probably pretty safe ... you're unlikely to have missed anything significant.  The way you feel about something is appropriate and defendable.  It might not be a position you arrived at gradually -- could be a sudden realization or revelation.

Our "Present" position is Sowilo -- it suggests potential success of the life changing variety.  This suggests the energy, ambition, and focus to attain this sort of success is available to you.  Doesn't mean it's going to happen automatically -- you still have to make it happen.  Does suggests that if you apply yourself, success is within your reach.

The "Future" position?  Algiz suggests protection and safety.  Use it to shield what you've manage to attain from opposing forces.  Retain your focus, become stronger because of it.  Protection includes building and increasing allies and friendships!

When we put thse together, it sounds something like this.  Where ever you are in life right now, past issues have shaped you to bring you to this position.  Don't flounder wondering "why" -- those reasons are clear to you if you look honestly and fairly.  Do you feel change is necessary?  Well, change takes energy, focus, and desire.  Sowilo suggests you'll find these abilities within yourself if you just reach for them.  If you do, you can ensure the sort of change you deem necessary.  Once you've done this, the game isn't over, though.  You'll probably see some opposition -- shield yourself, protect yourself from any opposition or doubt.  Feel good about what you attain and what you'll discover about yourself as you do so.  Building new friendships is a likely side effect, too!

And .... that's about it!  What do you think about the Rune Cast?  Would you like to see this sort of reading again sometime?

I'll be back at least next week -- hope to be able to provide these readings a little more frequently than that as things settle down.

Have a great week!