Friday, January 22, 2010

Keep Plugging Away

Hi! I hope your week's been going well ... mine's been fine, except the power's out this morning. Transformer in back of our house blew, but they're fixing it right now. In the meantime, we get a candlelight Tarot reading!

I'm working off laptop battery and my Sprint air card -- am trying to type fast because I've only got about 45 minutes of battery left! Hope I can get it all in!

Also made great progress on my Gypsy Vardo this week -- here's a quick pic of what I have so far:

You can see more pictures and some of the construction story at Woodsong Vardo.

All the hard (ie, heavy-lifting that I got my son to do) part is done -- I just have some work to do on the inside. Hope to move it to the festival site in a couple of weekends (weather permitting).

How about we get on to that candlelight reading -- we'll again pull two cards -- the first suggests something we should focus on for the week. The second suggests things we might consider in order to fully benefit from the attributes of the first card.

Our cards this week are:

Seven of Pentacles


Knight of Wands

Battery's running out quickly, so I'm going to type fast and keep this to a minimum (sorry -- I'll make it up next time!)

The Seven of Pentacles is that wonderful warm feeling we have when we've made good progress on a project -- we've reached an intermediate goal, all the pieces fell into place just like we need them to, etc. Since we're reversed, we have to look at the opposite side -- how do we feel when we haven't made the progress we'd hoped to? Do you feel like you've failed -- even though the project is only partially completed? Do you feel there's no use in continuing -- that the mistakes can't be fixed? Do you feel like folks have let you down? What do you do about it?!?!?!

Our second card is our "pick me up" -- the Knight of Wands. What do you do when times get tough -- you keep plugging away even harder. What do you do when times are going good -- you keep plugging away even harder. This Knight is all about energy -- he's not concerned about temporary problems, he's looking to blow past them to reach his goal.

And that's a message we can all use. Things are NOT going to go perfectly well all the time ... we're going to hit stumbling blocks. That's all they are, though ... stumbling blocks. They're not impassable barriers. Don't get discouraged when you hit a block -- keep working to find a way around it. I think that's a secret many successful people have -- they don't get discouraged by setbacks; they keep working away to reach their goal.

And ... we should do the same! Reaching the goal is what ultimately matters.

I'm going to cut it short right there -- battery is very low. No time for spell or sanity checking (so please accept my apologies in advance for my grammar and spelling woes!). Hope things go well for you till next time!