Friday, October 04, 2013

Put the Rabbit in the Hat

Hi All,

It's almost the weekend!  A cold front is scheduled to pass through Houston -- bringing temps down to the mid-80's!  (Well, that is a cold front in Houston).

We've got cleaning and straightening up scheduled all weekend.  Will probably end out not doing anything, though.  That's just the way is seems to go.

My daughter's getting her Associate's degree in December -- went through the process yesterday to get it all arranged.  She's going on to University of Houston in the spring for her BS in Marketing -- they have several campuses in addition to their main one.  They have an excellent business campus in downtown Houston and I think that's the one she'll be attending. 

I told her to consider continuing on for an MBA -- if she plans the courses right, it'll only add another year to her schooling.

It's so hard to go back to school after you're out in the working world (that's assuming you can find a job in this 14% real unemployment world -- but that's another story!); we've been telling her to get all she can now.  I think she's starting to understand that a little bit now!

She's been working at her first real job for the last two months -- part-time waitressing.  Some night's she'll do really well -- like maybe $300 in a three hour shift.  Other nights, not so well - like maybe $8.00 in a shift!  Still, she's starting to see things from a working taxpayer point of view.

In other words, she's now reaching that grown up point where you realize you don't really know everything after all!

How about a reading for the weekend?  We'll start with -- The Empress.

The Empress is a very maternal, nurturing, and caring card.  It suggests taking time to consider personal relationships that matter to us -- to consider ways we can better the way we handle our environment -- and to consider ways to create a better living environment for ourselves and those we care about.

Where does this bring us?  Let's look at our next card, the Three of Wands.

I envision this card depicting someone who is expecting his ship to arrive.  He's done the front-end research necessary to be successful, he's put the pieces in place so that he can realistically expect success.  And ... after doing all the prep work, he's now taking a moment and is expecting to succeed!

He's not seeking success by playing the lottery or hoping for a quick fix -- he's taking the longer but more certain route by doing the right things in order to be successful.

I've been corresponding with a wonderful person for years via this Tarot medium (I'm not going to name her, but she knows who she is).  Recently, I emailed her that "The best magician cannot pull a rabbit out of a hat -- unless there's already a rabbit in the hat!"

The message -- don't worry about the outcome.  Instead, start laying the groundwork so that the desired outcome becomes inevitable.  If that's schooling, then get it done.  If that's work experience, then get it done.  If that's contacts, then get it done.  If that's learning a particular process, then get it done.

Once you've done these things, you've greatly increased your chance and expectations of success.  If you keep it up, success is inevitable.

In this case, since we began with the Empress, I'm thinking we're looking more at personal issues rather than professional issues.  Think of your living environment, your friends and family -- what would you like to improve?  Then ... what can you do to best encourage that improvement?  Start picking away at the obstacles -- once done, you can realistically sit back and expect success.

That's it for now -- have a great weekend!



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