Monday, October 07, 2013

Be Optimistic -- New Challenges!

Hi All!

Ready to start a new week?  I know, I know!

The weather took a turn here in Houston over the weekend -- we had a real cold front come through Sunday.  Temps in the low 70's; people in Houston are trying to remember where they stored their winter gear!

It rarely gets really cold (like down to freezing) in Houston.  When it's in the "cool" range (which means anything below 70 and 50 degrees), we break out our sweaters.  When it's "cold" (read between 50 and 40 degrees), we break out the winter coats.  Not sure what we do when it's "freezing" -- it just doesn't happen all that often!

One year, we had a fluke cold front that unexpectedly brought temps down to the mid-40's.  I had no idea where our cold-weather gear was, so ended out sewing up a handful of quick-and-easy fleece earbands (take a look at  Fleece Ear Warmers!)

The only downside to our "cold" fronts is that our normal "hot" weather usually returns after just a few days.  I remember days in February where we hit 100 degrees!

It's not as bad as it might seem -- we spend a lot of time in air-conditioning!

Before I jump into this week's reading, let me ask you a question.  I've been considering hosting a weekly web-based radio show -- probably about a 15 minutes segment.  You could listen to it either online or via phone at a toll-free number.  You can even post questions and comments.

Question is:  Do you think I should do it?  Would you be interested in listening if if I do so?  If so, what times/days do you think would work best?  I did a test show last week at 4:30 CST on Friday afternoon.  Do you think earlier is better?  Or later?  Different day?

I'll look forward to hearing what you think -- just leave a comment below to let me know.

Okay, now lets jump into this week's reading -- we'll again pull two cards.  The first suggests some starting point to consider; the second offers some perspectives we might want to consider.

Our first card is ... The Fool!

It's hard not to like this card.  It suggests innocence, excitement, looking only to the positive and ignoring the negative.  It suggests new engagements, new directions, new potential and possibilities.  It only sees the good side, not the bad side.

True, it sometimes gets into trouble with this approach (it is called The Fool, after all!); but it also can stumble into grand situations.  Remember, this card doesn't mean you follow this approach throughout your experience with a new situation -- just that you let your optimism lead you into potentially good situations.  After all, if we always look at the negative side of things, we'll never get out of bed in the morning!

It's good to be blindly optimistic about good prospects sometimes -- but once we get moving, what should we consider as we deal with issues?

Our second card suggestion -- the Eight of Pentacles.

This is actually a good follow for The Fool.  The Eight of Pentacles isn't afraid of new endeavors.  He enjoys taking on new challenges and learning new skills; he isn't afraid to put in a solid effort to help himself succeed.  In fact, if the Fool suggests the beginning point, the Eight is a perfect mid-point.  This Eight isn't really worried about the end result yet.  He finds comfort in doing the work necessary to lay the groundwork so that he can achieve his ultimate success.  He's not impatient -- because he's enjoying the learning and effort involved in the mid-point work.

Will you succeed?  Maybe so, maybe not -- but The Fool will get you going ... and the Eight of Pentacles helps you through the mid-game.  Play these two right to lay a solid foundation to increase your chances of achieving your goals!

That's it for today -- hope your week goes well ... and keep looking for opportunity!

Oh -- and be sure and let me know what you think about the radio show!



Anonymous said...

I think the talk show would be an excellent idea I would definitely listen to it no matter what day or time. Make that move.

Anonymous said...

I Agree but I live in England so the time the time it was transmitted would really matter to me

KK said...

Yes please, I live in Australia so I need to know the station and hope to follow with my Ipad..thank you for today's reading..puurfect Kristina

Anonymous said...

I think it's a good idea to do a radio show, in general, I don't really listen to radio. But you should put that also on YouTube, I would listen to that on YouTube which would be when I have time. But either way, it's a great idea.

Anonymous said...

I like the whole idea and putting it on youtube so it can be enjoyed at any time any where and returned to later

Anonymous said...

I think it's a great idea. I love to hear from you, I love to read what you write about yourself and your life,you make me laugh. You have a great sense of humor and you seem to be very much down to earth. Thanks for the free reading and good luck!! MPD

Anonymous said...

I am deaf... I would be interested in online if you could. where I could be able to read. I really enjoy getting your tarot weekly. would be interested in personal reading someday in the future.

Anonymous said...

Friday would be good for me. My day off and would Love to listen. Go for it Dude!

Martha from Atllanta

Anonymous said...

Definately on you tube!

Sharon said...

Go for it!!!And use the above reading to help You!!!YouTube is the best for Me.If it were a radio show I would say Sunday.It's My Fun Day....I Don't Have to Run Day!!!!!Love and Peace Keep On Keepin On!

Rose said...

Love your readings, i was ecstatic when you resumed them (i'm a long time subscriber)and missed them--and you--sorely. i really enjoy hearing about your projects. i'm also 50ish and trying new things, so you are inspirational. please do the radio show. i listen to tons of podcasts and will add you to the list. timing is less important now than it used to be. as well as youtube, are you familiar with stitcher? i listen to a lot of shows on that, including a couple of astrology shows.

Rose said...

BTW is there any way to listen to the test show you did?

Woodsong said...

Hi Rose,

No, sorry -- I deleted the test show (it was really just testing -- wanted to see how it worked) didn't have much good content.

Anonymous said...

A radio or youtube show will be awesome follow your heart you will get lots of support.