Tuesday, October 01, 2013



I hope your week began well!  Mine started slowly -- had to wait at home all day yesterday because I had a water leak in the attic.

I have two central AC units in the attic -- both used drip pans.  They'd pull much of the water from our super-humid air (Houston) and would drip the condensation into a drip pan underneath the AC unit.  A drain line led from there and exited on an outside wall.

Worked fine, but every now and then the drain line would get clogged.  The drip pan would fill up and start overflowing into my ceiling.  The ceiling in one of my upstairs bedrooms once actually completely fell in from the water!

Turns out it's an easy fix -- just go up in the attic, stick a tube in the junction between drip line and drip pan, and BLOW really hard.  Clears it up pretty easily.

Problem was, I never remembered to go and do it until it started leaking!

So, the last time the AC was serviced, I asked the AC guy to do something about the drip pans.  He complied, eliminated the drip pans completely, and created a drip line straight from the two AC's directly to the outside wall.  Worked great -- for a while.

Turns out this line can clog up, too.  Because of the way the two drip lines joined right at the edge of the roof line, I couldn't get in there to try and clear it up.

I had to call a plumber -- I was kind of ticked because I had asked the AC guy to try and eliminate this problem.

The plumber cleared the line; when he was leaving, he said "You know there's a cap on your drip line you can use to eliminate this problem.  Just open the cap, pour in a bottle of bleach, and replace the cap.  The bleach will kill the algae that plugs the drip lines."

How brilliant!  I wish the AC guy would have mentioned this when he fixed the drip lines!

Anyway, ceiling's not leaking anymore and I'm going to add "Bleach in the drip line" to the yearly maintenance list -- maybe even the bi-yearly maintenance list!

Let's get on to this week's reading.

Our first card is --- The High Priestess.

This is a card that gives guys trouble -- but women tend to identify well with it.  Guys don't like it because we just don't understand how it works -- meaning we don't understand how it CAN work!

The High Priestess is essentially feminine intuition!  It's that special unexplainable something that women use to make mental leaps from one place to another.

I honestly think both women and men have this sort of intuition -- but men tend to ignore it.  Women best use it to analyze complex situations -- instead of having to puzzle out each step, women listen to what intuition tells them -- enabling them to make mental leaps to arrive at the proper solution.

This is a wonderful tool we can use -- but we don't always trust it.  Often, after intuition tells us the leap, we then try to confirm it by rationally analyzing it.  Sometimes that works, sometimes that doesn't -- but it always delays us.  Intuition works best when you don't try to explain it -- you don't know why you know something, but you do know that you know (if that makes any sense!)

So, how can we best use our intuition to help use this week?  Let's look at our second card to get some ideas -- The Heirophant!

This is an interesting mix -- the Heirophant is the authority figure, the rule-follower.  He completely ignores intuition -- if there is a problem that needs to be resolved, the Heirophant wants to solve it the tried and tested way.  He's not an innovator -- he wants to follow established rules and methods.

I'm thinking we can combine these two approaches -- follow intuition until it reaches a point where established methods can take over.  If we try to follow our intuition the entire way, we may fail.  If we try to follow the rules the entire way, we may also fail.

But -- when we combine the best parts of both approaches, we best optimize our chances for success.  We shouldn't ignore either method ... but should incorporate each where it best fits.

And that's it for now -- hope this can help you approach any issues you may face this week!

I'll be back later with more -- see you then!



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