Friday, September 27, 2013

Ready for the "Wochenende"

Hi Everyone!

Wow, the morning is really slipping away.  I keep getting sidetracked!  I'm pretty scatter-brained anyway, so that's a common occurrence.

Need to spend a little time at the sewing machine this weekend -- put most of the covering for the portable Tarot booth together earlier, but need to do some trim and trimming to finish it up.  Will post a picture when I do.  I'll be using it at both Middlefaire (with the yellow and blue topping) and Dickens-on-the-Strand (with a Christmas-appropriate red and green topping).

I have a computerized machine, but I'm kind of geeky/nerdy and really like old mechanical machines.  Something about gears gets my blood flowing.  I like old cars, old sewing machines, old clocks, old electro-mechanical organs, etc.  I have a number of old mechanical Bernina machines -- I mostly use a 930 (got it for a great deal).  I have an 830 as a backup -- actually have two 830's ... scored one with the original Bernina cabinet locally a few months back.  I don't need it (or even have a place to put it), but couldn't pass it up.

Uh-Oh -- I'm getting sidetracked again!  Looks like it's going to be that sort of day!

Let's get to the reading before I tangent off again!

We're pulling two cards -- the first offers a starting point, the second offers things to help us understand how to best use our starting point.

Our first card is ... The Page of Wands.

Sorry -- my son just called.  He's going to take Nala back (remember the dog who chews up everything?)   She's moved on from eating TV remotes and books to eating shoes, newly planted blueberry bushes, our other two small dogs (Skippy and Diego), and my grand-daughter.  Plus she ate the replacement TV remote.  The doggie chew-toys we get don't last more than a few minutes.  She ate her food bowl last night -- not the food in the bowl, but the bowl itself!

See ... it happened again ... got sidetracked!  I've got a call scheduled in 10 minutes, so I'll probably get side-tracked again!

Anyway -- Page of Wands.  Pages suggest the excitement we feel when we become enamored of the idea of a new project.  It excites us, fills us with energy, we spend gobs of time thinking about it.  Wands in particular suggest excitement, so a Page of Wands work themselves into a frenzy while thinking about the possibilities of a new project or task.

It's a fun place to be -- but there's a downside.  Pages are great at thinking about new things -- but aren't so great about actually getting to work implementing their project.  They're too busy thinking about it.

The danger here is becoming discouraged -- you've got a great idea ... but the longer you think about it, the more you risk finding objections or obstacles.  You may even come to doubt your concept.  A great idea is like a flame -- you have to add fuel to it or it'll eventually burn itself out.

So -- how should we consider this?  Let's take a look at our next card -- The Four of Pentacles.

I was doing a reading a couple of years ago for a young couple.  The young lady part of the couple made me promise to call this card "Mr. Grumpyhead" whenever it was drawn!

So -- we've pulled Mr. Grumpyhead!

This card suggests pulling back and erecting fences as a response to things that are in doubt.  If he builds a wall, he can keep the risk out.

The problem with this is that he'll never move beyond this wall.  The world will pass him by outside his walls -- and he'll be left behind.  Instead of ensuring his success, he's guaranteed his failure.

The answer -- consider that moving forward takes some risk.  If you try to resolve all objections before you move ... well, then, you'll never move!

If you find yourself doubting your capabilities ... or your concepts ... be wary of the trap of lowering your expectations in order to build a "safety" wall.

Whew!  Made it through without getting too sidetracked (only two phone calls, one instant message, and three texts!)  Kept coming back on course, though!

Hoping you and yours have a great weekend!  By the way "Weekend" was my Romanian word in my language discussion group today.  "Weekend" in Romanian is "Wochenende" -- the "ch" is hard, so I think it sounds a little like "weekend" when pronounced out loud.

Ack -- sidetracked again!


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