Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Sun Will Rise!

Hi All,

Sorry I missed yesterday -- this week's started off very busy for me.

Hope you had a good weekend -- we had some company and did the Renaissance Festival thing.  Had a really good time -- but also had something unfortunate happen.

Some of you long-timers may remember I've had a couple of instances where someone snuck into my house and stole guitars.  Happened again this past week -- they took 16 guitars, 3 mandolins, and a viola (about $15,000 total worth)  What's screwy is they left most of the guitar cases!

We've had a house guest (one of my daughter's friends) who was supposed to only stay for a weekend while his new apartment was readied.  Ended out lasting almost three months!  We don't know 100% that he took the gear, but we do know he constantly left our house unlocked (even after being told not to do so) when he was gone during the day.

We'll do the police report thing this afternoon -- although I'm not expecting the police to do anything.  The first time I had guitars stolen, I watched the thief auction them off one at a time on Ebay.  Reported each one and the name of the seller to the police as it appeared; they did nothing.  The second time I had guitars stolen, my son actually caught the thief inside our locked house (he had climbed in a window).  The police again did nothing.  I don't expect anything different this time.

Anyway, it's a new day and a new week.  Not going to let it get me down!

How about a reading to start our week -- we'll again draw two cards.  The first offers a suggestion to consider; the second offers perspectives we might use to help us think about the first card.

Our first card is -- the Six of Swords.

I've mentioned before that when you see an old black-and-white movie where the gypsy fortune teller pulls a card and says "Oh, you will be taking a trip over water" ... this is the card she pulled.

It doesn't mean you'll be taking a trip over water -- but does suggest some sort of change you might be considering.  One of the reasons we fear change (even if we want it) is because we fear the uncertainty it involves.  "Things might be worse if I change!" True -- but they might be a heck of a lot better, too!

It's normal to feel unsure when you're considering change.  When you're in this situation, it helps to recall the reasons you're considering change in the first place.  Want a better job?  A better living environment?  New relationship?  These are types of reasons for change.  Think about the reasons you desire change and it helps get you over the uncertainty involved in making that change.

Our second card suggests what we may encounter during a change -- The Sun.

Think of uncertainty as a cloud that's masking things -- you're unable to see things clearly; everything is uncertain and confusing.  As The Sun rises, it slowly burns away that cloud -- making it easier to see things as they really are. 

One thing that you always know -- the Sun will rise!  When you're unsure about things, you know that you'll eventually be able to clear away that uncertainty in order to analyze things as they really are -- so don't shy away from issues because you're unsure about them!  Of course you're going to be unsure about something new -- but as you learn more, you'll be able to view and know them clearly.  Just let the Sun rise!

Hope your week goes well -- I'm off on the road tomorrow, but hope to be back in time for a weekend reading.  Talk to you later!



Hortencia Adams said...

Sorry about your break in and all the instruments you lost! I suggest getting a nice Doberman to guard the house!

grace said...

It'a awful when one is violated. The security is broken.
Not only once but several times .. Maybe you can think some kind of electrical no see fencing . . Window locks dead bolt on doors..w/auto locking systems .. Or your personal Especial tie around windows and doors w/codes for family ..
It's a shame one has to be aware of their surrounding at all times. One loses trust with others..be safe

Loveanaiis said...

Hi, sorry to hear about your break in, I really hope that the police do the job that they are getting paid to do and catch the people responsible.Bye for now

Anonymous said...

I, too, believe that the authorities have to make this environment safe instead of ignoring the victims and persecuting the victims. I voted for a change and I want to see it happen before the next election.

I visited my friend and she insisted that I leave my clothes and she will mail them. I mail the money to send it up but she refuses to send it meaning she is taking my monies and clothes as if she owns them.

We are living in an age where people have no regards for others, it means back to a Renaissance of learning.