Monday, October 14, 2013

Confidence Gets You Through!


Hope you had a good weekend -- we had a wet one!  Didn't get the flooding that other areas in Southeast Texas received, but a good soaking.

Did a little woodworking, watched some football -- fall weekends in Texas!  My favorite time of year.

I appreciate the feedback on the radio show -- and I think the Youtube channel might be the best way to start.  I'll have to find a young person to show me how to use my camera first, but I hope to have something started in a week or so.  I'll keep you posted when something happens!

Let's move on to our reading to start the week -- we'll again draw two cards.  One offers a thought to get us in motion, the second refines that thought so we can best utilize it.

Our first card -- the Knight of Swords.

I've said before, some cards are masculine, some are feminine.  The Knight of Swords is probably the most testosterone-laden card in the deck!  In the deck I use (Robin Wood), the knight has a sword, he's riding a horse ... and it can fly!  What can possibly be more "guy" than that?

This is actually a good card -- it's full of energy and full of confidence.  This knight sees a challenge and is charging off after it.  He's eager to solve the issue!

His weakness is his eagerness -- he's so quick to act that he often misreads the challenge.  He's charging off for a solution in one direction -- but may be more successful if he looks in a different direction.

Sometimes the core issues aren't blatantly obvious -- we have to reason things out in order to understand them.  Only then can we make a careful and thoughtful decision regarding how to approach our problems.

Not to say the Knight of Swords won't be successful -- but he's probably not going to be efficient and may make several false starts before he finds the right course.

False starts can cause us to lose confidence -- we'll win if we stick to it, but constant failing makes it hard to stay the course.

Let's see how our second card can help -- the King of Wands.

If this King were a person, he'd be a very successful businessman -- or maybe a powerful and benevolent statesman.  He's extremely confident -- this spreads to his followers; they become confident, too.  This King believes in himself and in the rightness of his actions.  He knows the right thing to do and he is confident that he will reach the outcome he's chosen.

When we look at both of these cards, we see that the danger of the energetic Knight is that he may lose confidence -- especially if he fails a few times.  The King, on the other hand, is supremely sure of himself.  The King tells us to remain confident in ourselves and our ability to achieve what we desire. 

Let's use the energy of the Knight -- and try to temper and guide this Knight with a little evaluation -- and use the confidence of the King to get us through any temporary setbacks we may encounter.  These are merely stumbling blocks -- we can overcome them!

And that's it for now -- hope your week goes well!  I'll be back with more later ...



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