Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Don't Sit Still

Hi Everyone!

Sorry I'm late this week -- Monday and Tuesday were incredibly hectic!

Some good news regarding my recent theft -- we found out who did it (it was our houseguest).  He sold all the guitars to local pawn shops and a Guitar Center -- they have his picture, video surveillance, and his ID confirming all of this.  My daughter has gone pit bull with ther police -- she called every ten minutes demanding they schedule an investigating officer.  They finally did (probalby to quiet her) -- this would normally take months to do.  She gave him all the information; they've issued a felony warrant for his arrest.  We also have two people who drove him to the local stores who will testify against him (he told them his dad had given him the guitars).  Turns out he stole some jewelry from one of them as well.

Total cost of the stolen items is now over $20,000 ... this pushes it into a more serious felony (doubling the jail time). 

Don't know if I'll get my stuff back -- not sure how it works.  Cops said "Sure, you'll get it back", stores have said "Sure, we'll sell it back to you".

Still, it's a good start to the week for me.  Heading up to Middlefaire in Hillsboro this weekend.  If you're in the area, come pass by and say hello!

How about we jump into this week's reading?

Our first card is -- the Eight of Pentacles.

This card suggests that pleasant feeling we enjoy when we're learning and applying newly learned skills.  It suggests the sort of focus we have during this time.  This type of exercise does take some effort -- but it's the type of effort we don't mind ... because what we get back from the effort makes it worthwhile.

Let's see what our second card suggests about how we might apply this effort -- the Nine of Cups.

I call this one the "Fat and Happy" card -- doesn't mean you'll be fat and happy, but does suggest taking time and being able to enjoy and appreciate the things we've earned.  Sounds kind of obvious, but many of us don't take the time to slow down and appreciate the fruits of our labor.

When we put them together, we might ask "Why should we commit ourselves to a project?"  The answer ... "Because you'll enjoy the process -- plus, you'll be able to enjoy what you've earned because of that effort."

It's hard to sit pat with the skills you may have.  There's always something new to learn ... you never really stop learning.  How can we see this learning process as something to enjoy rather than something to fear?  Just remember how good it feels when you learn a new skill -- you feel so much more capable and pleased with yourself.  Then think about the extra benefits you may gain because of the learning -- new job assignments, praise, maybe even some monetary or physical benefits.

Basically, you become a more capable and better person.  And ... that's how it's supposed to work!  Don't sit still -- keep moving, learning, and growing.  The payoff makes it worth the effort.

And that's it for now -- I'll be travelling Friday, so may not make it in time for the weekend reading ... but I'll try to do so!



Karen said...

Yes now that the stores know it is stolen merchandise they can't legally sell it, and it will be confiscated as evidence. The stores will be charged with fencing stolen merchandise don't pay them a cent. It will be them who loses in the end.

Woodsong said...

Thanks, Karen. I'm guessing what will probably happen is that I can recover the stolen property -- but I'll have to pay a lawyer to do it. I may be better off (and quicker) just buying it back from the shops -- I'm thinking my insurance will cover that.

All the shops have pulled the goods and won't sell any -- unfortunately, several of the nicer items have already been sold. Don't know what's involved in recovering that.

Texas law regarding pawn shops says that the pawn shops must aid in recovering stolen goods -- but doesn't define what that means. Does it mean they have to give it back? Or does it mean they'll let me buy it back at their cost (which will be a fraction of the actual value)? Guess I'll find out!

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