Tuesday, November 05, 2013

If you really care ...

Hi All!

I'm day late -- had the day off yesterday and caught up on some reading (and sleeping!)

Read Tarot at the Middlefaire Renaissance fest up in Hillsboro, Texas this past weekend.  It's a small faire, but was nicely done.  I accidentally set up my booth off the beaten track (I was supposed to set up in back of the tavern -- but I couldn't figure out which side was the back.  I guessed -- and guessed wrong!) but still was able to visit with a number of very nice people.

My main incentive was to give my "portable Tarot booth" a test run -- glad I did, discovered some
Portable Tarot Booth at Middlefaire in Hillsboro, TX
changes I need to make.  Also was glad to see it held up well to the relentless winds in Central Texas!

Hillsboro is near Czech country -- we had a school bus of young folk show up Saturday to perform Czech folk dances.  Very energetic and entertaining!  Sunday's dancing was interesting as well -- the "jesters" led the entire royal court in the "Time Warp"!

Only downside is that my carpal tunnel has gotten really intense and painful.  Feels like I'm typing with a catcher's mitt on; I'm mis-spelling almost every word and having to go back and correct constantly.  Please excuse me if you find some errors I've missed!

I'm starting to think I might ask the doctor's to cut after all.

Let's jump into the reading this week!  First card offers a starting point to think about; second card offers suggestions regarding how we can best realize the benefits of that starting point.

Our first card is ... The Empress

This card is a nurturing and compassionate card -- if you think of an Earth Mother, you'll be close to the idea.  This is a caring card -- caring both for people and also for nature.   This is a creative card as well as being a sensitive card.  This card doesn't just want good things to happen to those in her care, it wants to make good things happen.

So -- think of the people you care about, think about projects or issues you care about.  Not only political issues, but also personal issues -- maybe even things like arranging new seating in an backyard garden.  This card wants to care about -- and enjoy -- the physical environment surrounding her.

Now, think about things you'd like to have happen to improve the things and the people you care about.  How can you best achieve these things?  Let's see what our second card suggests ...

Our next card is ... the Ten of Wands.

When you look at this image, you see someone carrying a heavy load.  I get the impression that this person also carried a heavy load yesterday and again on the day before that, and the day before that, and the day before ...

Even though this card suggests a weighty task, this person is not broken down by the task.  He was successful in the past ... and he expects to be successful in the future.  He's learned that hard work is necessary to achieve the things he wants -- and he's not scared off by the challenge.  When he looks at a task, he sees the reward at the end of the task and isn't daunted by the requirements of actually performing the task.

So .. our Empress sees what she would like to achieve -- and our Ten of Wands reminds us that putting in an honest effort is the most assured way of achieving what we want.  It may take time -- and it may not be easy -- but if we put in the effort, it's certain we'll achieve our goal.

Just caring about something isn't enough.  We have to care enough so that we put in the work to get there -- that's the real sort of caring that's most meaningful!

And that's it for now -- will see you again later this week!  Hope you have a good one!



Alexsandria said...

Just what I needed for the wk! Thanks WOodsong <3

Kalyn said...

Try acupuncture FIRST for the carpel tunnel. My brother is a telephone cable installer. The big stuff for main systems. He went to them and only has to go back now, three years later. Worth a try before surgery! Nothing to lose and all to gain! <3 :)

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