Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Get Rolling (Part Two)!

Hi All,

Hope you had a great weekend -- yesterday was a holiday in the US, so we had a long weekend.

I had a busy one -- my son in Chicago got out of the Navy!  Flew up there Friday morning and drove his moving truck back to Houston (well, actually, to about 2 hours south of Houston).  Took us three days -- I've done it in a day before, but we wanted to stop Friday night, then wanted to stop again Saturday night to watch the LSU-TCU game.

Not the most scenic drive in the world -- the Illinois portion is pretty plain -- as is the Missouri and half of the Arkansas part.  Once you turn west at West Memphis, you start getting into some hilly terrain and it's kinda pretty.

Driving the truck wasn't so bad -- Penske seems to have the best deals on trucks.  Got 10% off for reserving online and another 10% off for AAA membership.  Top speed was about 65 MPH, so I rarely had to worry about passing anyone.  Finding diesel got a little squirrely at times -- don't understand why a station would put the only diesel pump right next to their building so that a long truck could not manuever there.

Anyway, made the trip with no trouble; trying to get back into the weekday mix again!  Not ready for it!

But am ready for a new reading for this week!  Let's start ...

Our first card is -- the Page of Wands.
Pages are interesting creatures.  They tend to get really excited about things -- that's both their strength and their weakness!

Strength -- because that initial excitment really powers you and fills you with energy and confidence and fuels you to tackle the challenges you may face.  Wands in particular provide the energy and excitment -- but don't really point to the nature of the challenge.  This is kind of good -- because it's like a "wild card" that applies to any sort of challenge you may approach.

But -- the weakness!  Pages tend to be so excited about projects that they have a hard time actually getting started!  Thinking about the potential is exciting and invigorating -- actually knuckling down, getting to work, and getting their hands dirty isn't so exciting.

Still -- it's a good starting point for a new challenge.  If you don't begin being excited about the project, it's hard to make yourself get busy.  It's like being able to see the end before you even start -- it makes the trip seem much more attainable.

So how can we kickstart our Page of Wands?  Let's look at our next card -- the Nine of Wands.
I like this guy -- I always picture someone who's just completed a difficult task.  He's tired and spent -- but feels a great sense of accomplishment after powering through his challenge.  It was tough -- but he saw it through.

When we put these two together, they really fit well.  The Page offers the energy we'll need to face a challenge; the Nine suggests how great we'll feel once we complete the challenge.  This might be the incentive we need to stop thinking and start doing!

That's it for now -- hope the rest of your week goes well!  Talk to you later for a weekend reading!



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