Monday, August 26, 2013


Happy Monday, Everyone!

Some relatives and I have a "language discussion" group going.  Everyday, we introduce a new word from our assigned country.  We have French, Italian, German, and Romanian going (I get the Romanian).  Kind of like a "word a day" type thing.

The other day, my Romanian word was "munca" -- which means "work".  It somehow seems meaningful when you say "It's Monday -- time for another week at 'munca'".  What's it called when the sound of a word suggests the meaning of the word?  It's not like "Bang", or "Pow" -- but "munca" just feels like it matches Monday morning!

I mean, you can say "Unnnhh ... need coffee.  Time for work."  Or, you could say "Unnnhhh ... need coffee.  Munca." ... and I think everyone would still know what you were talking about.

I did a little munca this weekend on my tarot booth -- and also took the grandkids for back-to-school shopping.  Nothing like a day with three little boys under 5 to get you looking forward to a nap!

Or even Monday morning and "munca"!

How about our reading -- again, two cards.  First starts us off, second completes the message.

Our first card -- the Knight of Cups.

Here's the thing about Knights in general -- they're powerful cards, loaded with energy and good intentions ... but there's always some important piece missing.  That missing piece makes them less efficient and effective than they could be.

The Knight of Cups is kind of an opposite knight.  His problem isn't that he's missing something -- it's that he's got too much of something!

This knight's problem is focus -- he's got too much of it!  He's so steel-set on some item -- most likely an emotional one -- that he's oblivious to the external factors around him that affect things.  I mean, look at the picture!  The Knight is completely absorbed by his goblet -- and his horse isn't moving at all (even though it wants to).  His focus is completely inward and the Knight isn't moving -- and he needs to shift that in order to be effective.

His weakness is actually compound -- not only is his focus misapplied, he tends to stay there.  It's very difficult to get this knight's attention in order to get him looking at other factors.

So -- Cups suggests he's concentrating on issues that concern him emotionally.  What emotional matters are absorbing your focus?  Are there issues you're having trouble turning loose?  Do you find it hard to move past certain matters?  Grudges you find hard to release?  Hurt feelings you keep thinking about?  What-ifs that you just can't quite implement?  These are all "Knight of Cups" situations. 

Let's see what our second card offers -- the Four of Swords.

The Four of Swords is the "take a break" card.  Let it loose, rest, refresh, relax -- take a break.  After doing so, you can re-enter the game stronger and reinvigorated.

The Knight of Cups can't stop thinking about something -- and the Four of Swords says "Stop thinking about that!"

Well, kind of obvious and easy to say -- but hard to do.  Sometimes, when it's hard to stop thinking about something, you might find it worthwhile to replace it.  Introduce something new -- a new project, new responsibility, new social activities, new environment.  Maybe you can shift attention by changing things -- take a day off, try a weekend road trip, attend a concert or theater event ... just find something different!

Sometimes when you're stuck, it takes a little "knock" get you unstuck -- so look for that "knock"!

That's it for now -- hope you have a good week at "munca"!



Anonymous said...

Oh, Geez, Louise! Why is it you're always nailing me? This reading is so "right on" it's not even funny. It may not be evident, but I'm really pleased. Your readings are always telling me like it is. All I have to do is pay attention and it gets better. Thank you, Woodstock.

Anonymous said...

i so totaly join the comment written above. You nailed for me too!!!! Thank you so much for these readings.

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