Thursday, August 22, 2013

Get Rolling!


Sorry I'm late this week -- have been at a customer site all week and it's been taking up a lot of time.  Am back doing the normal stuff today and am trying to catch up.

Have been building a new booth in my back yard for my tarot reading at Sherwood Forest Renaissance Faire.  Will move it out there when I'm done. 

Actually, am building three booths -- two vardo's (gypsy wagons) and a regular stand-alone booth.  Working on the stand-alone booth (will leave a picture when it's done) and realized I'm not as strong as I used to be.  Built part of it on my deck, but now can't move that part off the deck by myself.  Oh well, my daughter has burly male friends I'll have to borrow.  I feed them often enough ... so I ought to be able to ask a favor!

I probably over-built it anyway -- made it much stronger and heavier than it needs to be.  Oh well.

Let's jump into today's reading -- we'll pull two cards.  The first offers some starting point or thought -- the second offers a suggestion as to how we can best utilize that beginning card.

Our first card is -- the Seven of Cups.
This card suggests daydreaming or planning; we're thinking of things that might be.  We all go through this all the time before we actually make any moves.  We might envision how we might rearrange the living room furniture -- we might go through this thought process several times before we actually switch the first piece of furniture.

We might think about career changes -- or new projects -- new friendships -- or learning new skills.  The whole bit that our mind is likely busy doing throughout the day!

Nothing wrong with this -- this type of planning is really essential if we want to be successful implementing our plans.

Here's the problem, though -- at some point, it's important to actually move on to implementing those plans!  We don't want to spend all our time planning and no time actually doing.

It's nice to think "What if things were different or better?"  BUT -- we don't want to stay there -- we want to actually take action to make things different of better.  It means putting out some effort or taking a risk -- but we might gain something if we do so.  We're safe if we just continue dreaming -- but we'll never accomplish anything.  Which do you think is better?

Let's look at our second card for a tip on how we should proceed -- the Eight of Pentacles.
Have you ever been working at a task -- and been so absorbed -- that you don't really notice the time passing?  That's the Eight of Pentacles -- it suggests that sort of enjoyment you gain when you enter into a new project or task. 

Doesn't mean the task will be successful -- but it does mean that it'll be worthwhile.  You gain even if the task ultimately fails -- because the "journey" is the real reward.

So -- our first card is a "planner" ... and our second card is a "doer".  Seems pretty plain what the message is ... consider actually doing some of those neat things you've been thinking about!  Take some risk, take on the effort -- and you'll reap a reward! 

Or -- "Quit stalling!  Get moving!"

What do you think?  Do you see anyplace in your life where this could apply?

Talk to you later --



Anonymous said...

I always like those "how we should proceed" cards; that's always where the problem is. What I got from this "how we should proceed" card is the importance of getting joy from what you will be doing. We plan things often because we think we should or that's how everyone else does it or thinks it should be done. Getting a job, for instance. No one ever used to tell me do what brings you joy. I have never looked for a job with the first criterion being whether it was joyful for me. What I got from this was, "You want more income. May we suggest you do what brings you joy? At least find something you'll be somewhat happy doing."

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