Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Start Anew

Hi all --

Hope you had a fine weekend (and Monday as well!)

Have you ever visited places like https://www.coursera.org, https://www.udacity.com, and https://www.udacity.com ?  They offer free online classes from many different prestigous universities and are a lot of fun.

I've taken several in the past (mainly histories) and am in the middle of a Jazz Improvisation class right now.  Having lots of fun, learning stuff, and busy as heck.  We're having to play and record a solo against a jazz melodic backing -- I'm having lots of trouble getting the recording software to work the way I want it to.  Have recorded my first solo several times, but can't get the "loudness" levels right.  It's either too soft to hear or too blaring.  Will try with a different guitar tonight to see if that helps any.

I've played guitar (and other instruments) for many many years -- however, everything I play ends out sounding like a 12 bar blues piece.  Am hoping this Jazz course will set me off on different directions.

My four year-old grand-daughter caught me playing some Celtic tunes on my violin the other day.  It's now HER violin!  I actually have a 1/2 size violin I bought for her mom when she was a child -- will have to search it out so I can swap for my violin back!

Let's move on the reading, shall we!

Our first card -- The Ten of Swords.

We saw this card a little while ago.  While some feel it's a very negative card, I generally see it as suggesting the end of a vexing time, not the beginning of one.  We want to consider vexing issues that have reached their end -- it's time to let them go.

What kind of things -- well, let's look at our second card -- the Two of Cups.

This card suggests a new friendship -- or a renewal of an old one.  Perhaps this might be what our Ten of Cups was suggesting?  Do you have old friendships or relationships that have hit some rocks?  Hurt feelings?  Feeling the other was inconsiderate?  You know what I'm talking about -- things that are really petty when you look back at them, especially when you consider the value of the friendship or relationship they may be inhibiting.

If you can, let the issues go.  Forgive where you can, forget where you can't.  Try to re-establish what was really valuable ... the friendship or relationship.  Those can be so rewarding that they can mask any petty bumps they may have encountered ... as long as you let it happen.

And that's about it for now -- hope you have a great week!



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