Monday, April 29, 2013

Take the Corner

Hi All!

Hope you had a great weekend -- I spent much of mine catching up on sleep!  My flight out of Vegas Thursday night was delayed four times -- finally got home about 4:30 AM!  Didn't get much sleep Friday (4 year old jumping jack (jumping jill?) grand-daughter made sure of that!  Both Saturday and Sunday looked kinda bleary to me (well, the rain didn't help any either).

Still glad to get home -- I'm just not a Las Vegas person ... at least not the new Las Vegas.  The new one is kind of like a Disneyland for young adults -- LOUD music blaring everywhere (even on the streets and walkways), controlled limited-access walkways that direct crowds from one place to the other, smokey casinos where the rap music is even louder than it is when someone pulls up next to you at a stop light.  Emphasis is on gaudy special effects rather than on real stuff. 

Even the street musicians are terrible (completely blitzed, can barely play their guitar, but can blare out profanities at top volume)!  Oh well, on the other hand, maybe I'm just a party poop?

Wow -- I didn't mean to start off such a downer -- let's pick things up a bit! 

How about the reading -- we'll start with our first card -- the Nine of Swords.

Well darn -- I wanted to pick things up a bit and this card rarely helps!  This Nine suggests worry -- maybe even all-consuming worry.  Ever had something bother you so much you kept thinking about it and couldn't get to sleep?  That's the idea of this Nine.

Not all the way negative, though.  Those times when you worried -- did things really turn out as bad as you might have thought?  Did you find you might have "over-worried"?  That even if the worst happened, there were opportunities and alternatives you might not have been able to see because you were spending all your time worrying about "what-if" instead of planning "what-if"?

Okay, there's a positive way to look at this; let's grab our next card.  And ... it's the Ten of Swords!

Well, if I were a real Negative Nancy (like I sounded in my Vegas rant), I'd get kinda depressed about this.  This fellow on the Ten doesn't look like he's having a good day.  He's bleeding out on the ground, the sky is dark, with 10 Swords stuck in his back!  Sounds like all his worry during the Nine of Swords all came true, doesn't it?

Actually, there's a very positive take on this.  This Ten suggests that when things seem as bad as they could possibly be, then the only way to go from there is UP!  It suggests reaching the corner, not necessarily reaching the bottom.  All you need to do is turn that corner and you'll find the opportunities you need to pull yourself up .  In other words, a new day is dawning!

So -- when confronted with the concerns of the Nine, you can huddle up in a shell and become stagnated by worry -- or you can move on to the Ten and look to turn the corner and make things better!  Look for the positives -- they exist and you'll find them if you seek them out!  Keep your eyes up -- not down!

Hope you have a great week -- and look for those opportunities!



Alexsandria said...

Wow!!! Those are the two of the worst cards to get in the entire deck. This reading was like it was meant for me tho....cuz I'm a pronounced over-worrier...thank you

Anonymous said...


nikki flowers said...

Well I've had a really bad weekend, my poor little dog got hit by a car and died. You can tell I'm shocked by this st the moment, just thought I'd share. Nikki xxx

Woodsong said...

Hi Nikki,

I'm so sorry to hear about your little dog. I've been there before and I know exactly how you feel.


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