Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Something you can always count on ...

Hi All!

Hope your week's started off okay -- mine jumped right into busy-busy-busy ... but I'm hoping for a break in action in a day or so.

Spent the weekend in San Antonio -- I know it's touristy, but I really enjoy the Riverwalk area.  It's very relaxing. It's kind of amazing how beautifying a drainage ditch really vitalized the downtown area. 

We also spent some time in Market Square (I think it's the largest Mexican goods market in the United States) and did a bunch of other shopping.  Didn't do as much sight-seeing as I'd like, but we were just there for the weekend.

If you ever get the chance to visit San Antonio and have a little extra time, pay a visit to some of the  historic missions other than the Alamo.  (I mean, see the Alamo too -- it's amazing!  Just reserve a little time to see the others)  They're really worth the look.

How about our reading for this week?  We'll start with -- the Five of Cups.
This card portrays a person looking at three cups that have spilled -- but is ignoring the two cups that remain full.  This card reminds us to focus on the assets we have -- not the resources we've lost.  We're never going to win every single encounter -- but as long as we win the one's that count, we're in good shape.  When we begin to look backwards and concentrate on things that we've lost -- well, it's like trying to drive a car with our head turned backwards!  We have to focus on where we're going and what we have available to us -- otherwise, at best we won't make any progress (and at worst we'll run into a tree!)

What can we use to help us focus on resources we still have?  Why not ... the Two of Cups.

I believe we've seen this card recently -- this suggests new friendships or renewing old friendships.  Could be romantic, could be platonic -- but either way, being able to count the support of our friends helps hold us up when times seem bad (like when we spill three cups!) and reminds us of the things that really count (like the two cups still remaining to us!)

In fact, maybe this Two of Cups we've drawn represents the two unaffected cups in our original Five of Cups -- the friends and family we can always count on?  Draw strength and build those relationships -- they'll always be there for us if we cultivate them!

Hope you have a great week!  Hope to get back with you before the weekend!



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