Friday, May 17, 2013

The "Old Fashioned" Way

Hi Again,

Managed to clear things away in time ... so we get a weekend reading this time around!

Nothing too special happened this week -- just a lot of busy.  That's not so bad, it helps the week go by quickly. 

Don't have a lot of plans for the weekend -- will play it by ear.  Will try to get out of the house so that I don't get roped in to doing chores!

How about that reading -- our first card is the Three of Pentacles.
I usually see this as a "Joy of Work" card -- it suggests that feeling you have when you're doing a task and are doing it really, really well.  Rather than avoid taking on tasks, we might look at them as opportunities to exercise our skills and grow in our capability.  How do you get to Carnegie Hall?  Practice, practice, practice!

Where will this approach lead us -- our second card suggests ... The World!

There are three or four "happy ending" cards in the deck -- and this one is the best one of all.  It suggests that all the pieces come together in the best way at the best time.

Not a whole lot of analysis necessary here -- short answer: if you work hard, you'll be successful.  Doesn't mean you'll become Bill Gates, but it does suggest that the rewards you'll achieve after working honestly and effectively will be the rewards you'll most appreciate when you receive them.

Remember that old Smith-Barney commercial?  "Smith Barney makes money the old-fashioned way -- they EARN it!" (wow, am I dating myself!)  There's no secret to success -- you don't have to be lucky ... just work hard and you'll receive the success you deserve.

That's the short and quick of it -- hope you have a great weekend!



Anonymous said...

Thank you<I truly appreciate your readings.

Anonymous said...

Thank you,You Rock

Anonymous said...

I look forward to you every week!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the positive energy you put into this for all of us! One Love... <3

WitchyDee said...

Thankyou.... Helped alot and gave me alot of clarity

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