Friday, April 05, 2013

Consider Changes


Hope your week's been going well -- things here in Houston have been ... well, okay I guess.  A front moved through and it's turned kind of chilly (in the 50's -- that's chilly for Texas).  That's not so bad -- but my hot water heater decided to flake out this week at the same time!  I can light it, but it's not always staying lit.  Don't find that out till I try that morning shower -- brrrr!  Had a couple of unpleasant surprises this week!

Seems to be working now; I'm sure it's just the thermocouple getting fritzy.  I remember you used to be able to change those out yourself with a 50 cent part from the hardware store.  Now it takes a plumber and a $75 house visit.  Progress?

My daughter and grand-daughter moved back in the house -- the entire household is now being ruled by a 4 year old!  It's kind of fun -- life is now measured in terms of tea parties and kittens.  Pretty refreshing!

How about our weekend reading ...

Our first card is the Four of Wands.

I see this as a celebration card -- and it also suggests the acknowledgement of others in the course of celebration.  It's not so much you saying "I did good", it's more like other people saying "You did good".  It always feels better when you hear it from someone else!

So what should we consider if we'd like to achieve this celebratory state?  Our second card, the Eight of Cups, offers a suggestion.

The Eight of Cups suggests a change of direction.  It's kind of like reaching a point where you say "It's not that I'm disatisfied with what I've been doing -- but I think I might have more success trying this different route instead".  In the card, we see someone literally "turning their back" on the path they had been following in order to strike out in a new direction.

So -- if what you've been doing isn't getting you to where you want to be -- you might consider changing things up a bit.  Even if you're satisfied with what you've been doing -- you might find another tack a little more promising.  Or you might not -- but it doesn't hurt to at least consider the possibilities!

And that's it for now -- have a great weekend and I'll see you again next week!



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Phil said...

really like new site also. I have been a follower for a few years now and am glad your back. the reading today was spot on. I have been thinking of changing my life for the past few days. I tried the change for 2 weeks and things were better. then quit and things got worse. so universe is trying to tell me to go in that new direction. and so is your reading. thanks


Anonymous said...

Your site looks great !!

Download Sheet Music said...

Good thing to think about!

Anonymous said...

wow...amazing concurrance! I had a reading on Saturday that told me basically the same things...time to move out of my comfort zone and put myself out there as a photographer...gotta get some more pics first, but that is the easy part! now I've gotta find a way to market myself...I know I have the talent, I just need to get 'er done!