Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Dive Right In

Hi All,

Hope your weekend was fine -- I stayed home sick yesterday (feeling much better today), so fell behind on the reading.

Uneventful weekend for me -- cleared up my space at the Renfest, did some yardwork and gardening, nothing fancy.  A very easy, low pressure weekend (first in several months)!

Let's jump into that reading, shall we?

First card is the Page of Wands.

Pages tend to suggest the beginning of something new -- new tasks, new projects, new schooling, new friends ... things like that.  Pages are still at the development stage -- you're considering a new project, getting excited about it, beginning to think about what may be involved, maybe even some pre-planning.

Including the point where you think about what go wrong!  Sometimes, when you consider this side of it, you get scared off the project.  After all, if you might fail, then why start it in the first place.  When you think of failure, it saps away your energy and excitement for the project (and the Page of Wands is particularly involved in energy and excitement).

This isn't good -- how can you restore your energy and interest level?

How about using our second card -- The Fool!

This card is really about new beginnings, new journeys.  Things might go bad?  Who cares -- not The Fool!  He's so involved in thinking about a new process that he's oblivious to problems.

Does that mean he won't encounter problems along the way?  No, not at all -- but it does mean he'll wait till that point to deal with the problems and won't let the fact that they may occur stop him from charging ahead!

If something new grabs your interest -- then maybe it's worth it to dive right in.  Don't "think" yourself away from a project -- jump in and learn for real what's going on.

Hope your week's a good one -- talk to you later!



Anonymous said...

Thanks! You're so corrrect...riding the same rail...yahoo!

Alexsandria said...

Thank you! Two expected cards for the New Moon in Aries today :) Sort of F* it, who cares....just do it....and do something NEW...something you've never tried b4....for me, I've recommitted myself to working out, getting healthier, and losing weight....I wonder what else new that I can spark up???hmmmm

Marylen Kincer said...

i love the fool card ! to me it means stepping into the unknown..dont think about it just do it..i do my best and God will do the rest !! marylen from michigan usa