Monday, February 11, 2013

Yay! A Weekly Reading Again!

Whew!  It's been quite awhile -- and I do apologize for the delay!

Sometimes life kind of gets in the way and you just can't devote the time you want to the things you want to do.  Yep -- it was my turn -- but things now look a little more settled and I think I can start the reading back up again.

Just like we used to, we'll draw two cards from the deck.

The first card will suggest some positive message for the day (or a negative message we want to avoid!).  The second card will suggest ways we might best attain the benefits of the first card.


Our first card is the Seven of Wands (Reversed).  This card suggests struggle and contention -- but doing so with every confidence of success.  This card might actually enjoy the struggle!  If we looked at this in a business setting, it might suggest a hard or prolonged sales negotiation.

The reversal could suggest several things -- it could suggest a lack of confidence that might lead you to avoid conflict ... even if that conflict were necessary for success.  An example might be a phone call you need to make to a difficult customer; the call is necessary to resolve an issue, but you might tend to postpone the call simply because you want to avoid the tussle you know will happen over the phone.

It might also suggest where you actually enjoy the conflict part so much that you continue it was past the point where it's doing you any good.  You might drive a hard (but fair bargain) with a customer -- and then continue to hammer until you get even more concessions.  This might be a good deal for you in the short run -- but may result in a lost customer in the long run.

How to avoid issues with our Seven of Wands -- we'll consider our second card:  The Emperor.

This one is an easy fit -- the Emperor is concerned about the overall long-term good for everyone ... and he's willing to take on temporary inconveniences if they'll lead to that long-term good.

So -- if you go ahead and make that difficult phone call, the pay-off is that you'll have a happier customer and an overall better business situation.  If you stop haggling with a customer when you first arrive at fair terms, you may build good-will that will yield an additional pay-off down the road.

Bottom line -- while you may think of your own considerations at first, also consider the long-term implications for your whole overall infrastructure.  This could be your business, your friends, your family, your home.

Hope to keep these going -- things have settled down a bit for me and I can devote the time necessary for these readings.  Hope you enjoy them!


Canada said...

Hello how can I have my free reading? Thanks

Starr said...

When I saw the notice in my mailbox that you were doing readings again, it touched my heart. It's great you're back, it's like finding an old friend after a long separation. Thanks for all you do!

Anonymous said...

Am wondering if we will receive a notice each time you do a reading?

Anonymous said...

good to see u back i have missed your readings and look forward to my next reading :)

dilojem said...

Glad you are back at it.. we've all been thru trying times! ;-)

Woodsong said...

Thanks so much for the kind comments! If you subscribe to the RSS feed, you'll automagically see the new posts as they occur. Otherwise, you'll find the new posts whenever you visit the blog. I'll also post on Twitter whenever there's a new post. Still haven't got the Facebook thing set up quite right yet.

Marylen Kincer said...

Welcome back!! marylen from michigan

Linda Delamorandiere said...

I am so glad you are back. I have always enjoyed your readings and to read about what you have been doing as well. You love the way you write

Linda Delamorandiere said...

lol..that should have said - I love the way you write..

Anonymous said...

I removed my subscription by mistake please add me back on. I've been a subscriber for many years.

Thank you.

voyante said...

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