Friday, February 08, 2013

"Something Not Known" Spread

This is a "surprise" spread -- we'll use one of the cards to introduce something the querant doesn't know, but will learn before too long (that's the surprise).

I lay out the first four cards in kind of a "star" shape -- but leave the fifth spot empty at first.

I then read the four cards in this manner:

1) Where you are now
2) Strengths you have
3) Weaknesses to overcome
4) Strengths others see in you

I then lay a fifth card as "something you don't know yet" -- this is the "surprise" card.

If necessary, I'll then pull a sixth card and lay it in the middle as an "outcome" card.

My first season at the faire, I offered different ranges of readings ($2 quickies, $10 readings, $20 readings), I'd use this spread for the middle range.  I quit using it because it just didn't feel robust enough -- now only offer the high-end more complete readings.  I'll now use it as a "free" or bonus spread when appropriate.

For instance, if one person in a couple purchases a reading, I may offer his/her partner this spread as a freebie if they enjoyed the first reading.


Marsha Kratzman said...

This looks very interesting! I will give it a try in a few days.

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