Monday, February 18, 2013

Focus and Move Forward

Hope your weekend went swell! I had a wonderful weekend at Sherwood Forest Renaissance Faire -- good crowds, good shows, good company good food -- well, kind of.

Faire food tends to be your typical fried finger food stuff.  Sherwood actually has several food-vendors with atypical offerings -- problem is, everyone wants to eat there and they often run out of stuff before mid-afternoon.  I have to learn to get away earlier.

I do find good food on the way in, though.  A decent part of the hill country in Texas has a strong czechoslovakian influence (never thought of it before, but the Czech flag even looks a bit like the Texas state flag).  That means wonderful bakeries, pastries, and kolaches. 

A kolache is kind of a yeasty bread roll with a meat filling -- sausage, ham-and-cheese, bacon and eggs, etc, etc.

When I'm driving from Houston to the faire site (near Paige, Texas -- about 40 miles east of Austin), I pass a couple of fantastic bakeries.  There's a very popular one called Hruska's in Ellinger, Texas.  I don't usually stop there because it's so crowded, though.  There's a bakery I like better called Weikel's in LaGrange, Texas (if you're a ZZ Top fan, it IS that LaGrange of "Best Little Whorehouse" fame).  I'll grab a sack of either kolaches or pastries and bring them to share at the faire.  Great breakfast food!

Darn, now I'm hungry.  Oh well, better get on to the reading!

We'll again pull two cards -- we'll use the first to find some positive attribute to ponder on today.  The second card will offer a tip on how we might achieve that positive attribute.

Our first card is -- the Page of Cups.

This Page suggests that fulfilling moment we feel when we find a new emotional attachment -- like a new friendship, a new cause, a new puppy, a sappy commercial or song.  Society often frowns on showing this sort of emotion -- but it's something we all feel and shouldn't be ashamed of.  It DOES tend to make you feel human and good.

The issue with pages is that they don't usually act on their feelings.  They're kind of skittery -- they move from one thought to another and never really spend the time to let that feeling grow and develop.  Not necessarily a problem -- but it does mean they may end out missing something.

Our second card suggests ways we can better this -- Strength. 

Strength is a Trump card (one of the Major Arcana) -- it doesn't suggest physical strength, but inner strength.  Strong character, positive beliefs, good moral basis -- that sort of thing.

This sort of Strength is patient, it believes in the good in all people.  It's also honest, so it knows that there's often some "not so good" in all people, too (there are always was all of us can improve)

In this case, we want to use this Strength to latch onto a special feeling identified by the Page of Cups.  Take time to develop and explore it, to think about it, to investigate it.  Often, by taking time to dig a little deeper, we uncover undiscovered treasures we might ordinally have not seen.

Hope your week goes well -- be sure and check out my Twitter feed at @WoodsongTarot!  I never know quite what I'm going to post there until it happens -- come check it out and we'll find out together!


Anonymous said...

I missed these beginning-of-the-week readings, Woodsong. It's really good to have you back. They're simple yet sometimes very helpful because even if I don't think it pertains to me at this moment, it makes me aware of certain energies (thoughts?) pulling me in a certain direction and, more importantly, how I respond to them. I've discovered that I'm often not even conscious that I thought them. Welcome back.

Woodsong said...

Thanks! It's good to be back!

Hortencia Adams said...

I am so glad you are back! I love your readings and especially like how you share a bit of your personal life and hobbies. If I ever am in your neck of the woods I would love to meet you!

Canada said...

Hello,do you reading personal or only post blog week reading? Thanks