Friday, September 29, 2017

Make Something Happen!

Hi Everyone!

Glad to make it in time for the weekend reading -- as always, things have been hectic over here!  I'm finding that all this free time I was anticipating was kind of an illusion -- but at least it's been interesting.

Got an interesting reading for you this time -- thoughts that it might be a good time to starting thinking of something you want to do -- something you might want to achieve.  Not suggesting you start a business that'll overtake Amazon (but maybe!); perhaps planning and planting an herb garden -- or tuning the carbs on an old car (or learning how to do it) -- rearranging furniture so your home path flow works better ... whatever.  This might be a really good time to start thinking and planning ... and starting ... such endeavors!

Here's the reading -- as always, if your mail client won't pass along the hot link, just click on over to

Thanks for listening in!  Am grateful for any "like's" or "shares" you'd care to give me -- y'all have a great weekend ... and I'll be back in a coupla days with the next reading.



Patricia Nelson said...

Thank you.

Rosiana Monbon said...

Mille merci pour tout.
Tu es incroyable, mille bisous pour toi.

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