Tuesday, September 26, 2017

All Reversed!

Hi --

Hope your week's begun welll -- mine started off busy and is getting even busier!  Hoping it'll wind down soon.

My blues band (the new version at least) has our first gig this weekend!  Wish us luck -- I'm expecting things to get less hectic after that.

Well, if you take a peek at this week's reading, there's nothing wrong with your monitor ... ALL the cards are reversed this time!  I talk about that a bit in the reading -- and I do apologize ... I left the camera in "portrait" mode again rather than "landscape".  I'ma have to put a sticker on it or something to help me remember.

Here's the link to the video reading on Youtube -- if you're seeing this in your email and the Youtube link doesn't show, just click on over to Weekly Woodsong Reading .

Thanks for listening in -- as always, I'm very grateful for any "Share's" or "Likes" you can give me!

You have a great week now -- I'll be back again before the weekend!



Patricia Nelson said...

Thank you.

Woodsong said...

You're quite welcome, Patricia!

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