Friday, August 09, 2013

The Hard Ones Mean the Most!

Hi again!

Hope your week's gone well so far -- I've had a pretty good one over here.

My son and his family are moving back to Houston from Chicago -- really glad to be able to see the grandkids more often.  They're 3 boys -- I've heard boys defined as "Noise with dirt attached" ... I think that's fairly accurate for these three!

Let's pull a quick reading for this weekend -- our first card is the Nine of Wands.
I always picture this card representing someone who's finished up with a difficult task.  He's looking back over his work and is pleased with the results.  He's tired, but is probably thinking "I did a really good job!"  He didn't shirk from the hard task -- he knows that accomplishing a difficult task provides it's own reward.

Pretty positive card to begin with -- let's see where it goes.

Our second card ... the Five of Swords.
This is one where I differ from many readers.  Many (don't want to say most) see this as a negative card -- perhaps suggesting conceit or haughtiness.  I don't see it that way, though.

I see this card representing someone who has faced superior odds in an endeavor -- and overcame those odds.  He's rightfully feeling pleased with himself -- because he knew most people expected him to fail.

When we put these cards together, I see them enhancing each other.  You know you're capable of completing a difficult task -- and you know how good you'll feel when you succeed.  Furthermore, you shouldn't shy away from necessary tasks simply because they appear difficult -- or the odds seem stacked against you succeeding.  Overcoming the odds and succeeding in these situations mean you'll be even more satisfied when they're done!

You want to really feel good -- don't take on easy challenges, look towards the hard ones instead!

And that's it for now -- hope you have a great weekend!


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