Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Risk and Rewards

Hi All,

Sorry I'm late this week -- yesterday was kind of hectic!

I tend to do pretty much all of the cooking at home -- even when I was back in college with roommates, I was usually the cook.  I don't know that I'm all that inventive -- don't follow recipes that much.  I'm half Sicilian and half Cajun French -- so I normally cook either Italian or Cajun style.

Our four-year old granddaughter lives with us -- and she's been taking over the house.  She's made it known that she expects pancakes for every meal -- so my cooking has been very one-dimensional laterly!

You may recall me talking about a Jazz Improvisation class I've been taking.  Class is over, but a small group of us has continued on with additional assignments.  This last one we did is probably the first one I feel I did okay on -- it has some glitches and flubs, but I don't think it's all bad.  If you want to give it a listen, here's  My Improvisation for How High the Moon .  Please be gentle!

Let's jump into this week's reading -- again, we'll draw two cards.  The first will offer something to concentrate on, the second will offer tips on how we might be realize the positive message of the first card.

Our first card is ... The Empress.
The Empress is a very maternal card -- it suggests the things we typically associate with maternal feelings.  Note that you can be the toughest, hardest, manliest guy around and still have maternal feelings.  Don't believe me?  Gather a bunch of tough guys and show them a cute puppy!

Maternal means caring and nurturing.  It also suggests a special and strong attachment.  You may feel caring for people in general, but you'll feel a stronger caring for family and friends who are close to you.  This maternal caring is a two-way street -- you'll receive benefits as well as give benefits.

How to best realize these benefits -- our second card, the Four of Wands.
This is a celebration card -- there's a reason to celebrate and someone to share that celebration with.  I've always envisioned a crowd of people watching the celebration and acknowledging the appropriateness of the celebration.

When we put them together, the message is pretty straightforward.

Care for the people you should care about -- and let them know you care!  Don't keep a cage around your heart -- I know some of us keep folks at arm's length because we don't want to be vulnerable.  However, the rewards for opening up and reaching out tend to outweigh the risk!

When we do so and reap those rewards -- then we have a reason to celebrate ... and someone with whom we can jointly enjoy that celebration.  We'll have a sense of belonging, contributing, and feeling important and needed.

Yes, it might be a risk.  But there are rarely rewards without risks. 

Hope things work out well for you this week -- take care, and I'll be back in a few days!


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