Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Put Your Shoulder in and Push!

Hi All,

Well, I've been on the road the last week and a half -- and realized that it's the business travel that gets in the way of the readings!  I used to be excited and envigorated years ago when I travelled -- now I'm just tired.  As a result, the readings suffer.

Fortunately (for the readings), I rarely travel anymore.  Back in town this week and have about an hour before my next call, so let's see if we can slip a weekly reading in!

Our first card is the Two of Cups.
We've seen this card a lot recently.  The Two of Cups suggests a new emotional relationship or friendship ... or a renewal of an existing one.  Quite often, it suggests looking towards family or friends where a troubled friendship could be fixed.  There may be some ill feelings over harsh words or actions -- and these feelings are in the way of what could be a rewarding friendship.  Usually, one side has to swallow those feelings and make the initial step towards reconciliation.  What this card reminds us is that the payoff is worth the payout -- what you'll reap from a renewed friendship is most often worth the temporary discomfort of "making the first step".

So, tell us more about this situation -- what things should we consider?

Let's look at our second card -- the Ten of Swords.
This card suggests a really failed relationship -- one that may seem to have hit rock-bottom.  That's acually good news in a way -- if things are at there worst, then any change can only be an improvement!  It's that old "darkest before the dawn" thing.

If we want to consider friendships to renew, we might start by looking at some that might seem most damaged.  These might actually be the easiest to fix.  We might also consider emotional relationships that seem to be stuck in a rut -- they may not be getting worse, but they're not getting better.  These also might be the type of relationships most receptive to renewals.

Friendships and relationships take a lot of work -- but the payoff is always worth it.  Sometimes a little nudge is all that's needed to get things moving in a better direction -- consider being the one to first put your shoulder in play to provide that nudge!

Hope you have a great week!



Anonymous said...

Woodsong, sometimes you're downright spooky. This reading is so on the mark it's not even funny. There was (just Monday, in fact) a situation that I figured is a friendship gone wrong. I'm not angry or mad about it and (thankfully) didn't make my end of the conversation anything but a cordial exchange and acceptance of different ideas. I did think that it was over. Maybe it is, but, then, maybe it isn't. You nailed this one.

sunny said...

Nailed mine too. I've been thinking about renewing a friendship for the past week or so but I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to make the first move and if I even should. But this gives me the courage I need to do that.

Woodsong said...

Thanks for the kind words -- I hope your rewards will be worth the risk!