Friday, June 21, 2013

Make The Call

Hi All,

Hope you've had a fine week so far -- it's been a little busy here, but I'm starting to feel caught up. 

Spent an enjoyable time with my grand-daughter last night.  She's 4 and I'm trying to transition her from standard little kid picture books to more advanced fairy tales with more writing and fewer pictures.  She wasn't crazy about the idea, but after I read her a couple of stories she began getting hooked.

The good thing (besides being more interesting for me) is that she doesn't get all wound up looking at pictures.  Instead, she sits back and listens -- and gets relaxed instead.  Starting to get the concept of sleepytime "bedtime stories" introduced!

Weekend's coming up -- so let's jump into the weekend reading!

Our first card is -- Judgement.
Judgement suggests all those things you'd like to have if you were to be judged.  You'd like honesty, fairness, impartialness, patience ... things like that.  You'd like to evaluate situations without any preconceptions or bias -- which is exactly what you would hope for in a fair judgement.

So -- our first card suggest implementing this sort of fairness and impartiality.  What sort of situation should we be looking for where this would best benefit us?

Our second card offers a suggestion -- the Two of Swords.
This is really a choice card -- where we have to make a choice between competing solutions.  It's probalby not an easy choice to make, too.

What we normally do when faced with a difficult choice is ... to stall!  We put off making the choice, we'll think about it later, we'll gather more information, etc, etc.  All of this is just playing word games -- we're really just avoiding having to make a choice!

When you think about it, not making a choice is the same as making a choice -- since it obligates you to a course of action.  It's just not a course of action that you've chosen, it's a path that defaults to you because you haven't made a choice!

I figure it's always better to control whatever you can -- go ahead and make the choice!

Why might we fear the choice -- well, I think it's generally because we're concerned about making the "wrong" choice.  If you ask me, I'd say there is no "wrong" choice -- there are just choices.  It's what you do after choosing that determines whether it's "right" or "wrong".

And this is where "Judgement" comes in to help us.  Be fair and be honest with yourself.  Don't worry about preconceptions .. about what others may think .. about whether the choice is hard or easy.  Be honest about deciding whether what choices can be best for you.  Once you've identified this, make the choice ... and then proceed to implement the work (maybe hard work!) to make that choice work for you!

If you've taken the time to honestly and fairly evaluate your options, then you can't fault yourself on your choice.  You've honestly made the best call you could have made at the time.  Don't look back on whether you could have done differently -- instead, look forward to identify what you can do to make things work!

And that's about it -- hope you have a great weekend!


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