Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Doesn't Mean You Shouldn't Try!

Hi There!

Back from a beach weekend -- had a great time, ate way too much, enjoyed some rain, some sunshine, and good company.

The Orange Beach/Gulf Shores area along the Gulf of Mexico at the Florida/Alabama state line is about 8 hours from Houston -- we and the in-laws try to go every summer.  We usually visit on July 4th week, but it's always really crowded.  Tried it on Father's Day this time and crowds were much more reasonable.  Had some traffic on I-10 so we routed along the Highwy 90 beach road through Bay Saint Louis -- some really beautiful beaches (and no crowds at all) there!

Back home again, though.  Time to try to get back into the weekday thing.

Including the readings!  Let's draw our first card -- the Five of Swords.
The Five of Swords at heart is a competition card.  In this case, the card has faced strong odds and has overcome them.  Nice story -- of course, it doesn't always happen ... but it does sometimes!  We might take the message that just because the odds seem against you doesn't mean you shouldn't try.

Our second card extends the message -- the Wheel of Fortune!
Interesting pull here -- especially after my "plagiarizing myself" issues a week or so ago!  Since I'm writing my own message here, I don't have to worry about that anyway!

The Wheel reminds us that sometimes you're on top -- and sometimes you're not.  Or -- you win some, you lose some.

When we put these two cards together, we get the very real message that there aren't many guarantees -- if you try, you might win ... but you might lose.  Losing is always a possibility -- so you should accept that up front.

Losing is not a terminal condition -- just because you might lose doesn't mean you have to stop right there.  It's just another step in the process -- just continue the competition until you arrive at the solution you desire.

That's it for this one -- will see you later in the week!



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