Thursday, March 28, 2013

Springtime Projects!

Hi All,

Somehow a holiday snuck up on me!  No work tomorrow -- which of course means lots of home projects.  No way you can get away from "work"!

I'm planning a new gypsy vardo -- it'll be more of a "roulotte" style; will look kind of like a canopy bed on wheels (without the bed part).  Have been planning how to paint/embellish/decorate it -- last night dreamed purple-gold-green -- Mardi Gras colors.  Might be -- still thinking about it.

You know, there's a story about why LSU colors are purple-and-gold.  Story goes that way back the students decided to have a Spring celebration party.  Some drove down to New Orleans to purchase confetti and streamers.  Being that it was near Mardi Gras, there should have been lots of purple, gold, and green decorations.  However, Tulane University in New Orleans was having it's own springtime party and had bought all the green decorations; all the LSU people could find were purple and gold -- which was how the original purple-and-gold began!

Reading time -- we'll begin with the Nine of Wands.

When I see this card I always think of someone who's spent a day doing yard work.  It's the end of the day, he's really tired, but he looks out at his work and is please with his accomplishments.  (BTW -- this isn't me at all ... I spend 10 minutes working in the yard and I start sneezing!)

He's tired -- maybe even exhausted -- but is feeling good about it.  The results have been worth the effort; he's earned the right to be pleased with his situation.

Nice feeling -- so how can we get there?  Let's look at our next card -- the Page of Wands.

This Page is about potential -- being excited about possibilities, beginning to plan projects (like building a roulotte, maybe?)

You want to feel like you've accomplished something?  Well, before you can, you've got  to begin doing something you can accomplish!  Get excited about a project, get excited about the work you'll put into it, get excited about planning it and becoming involved in it.  All of this might sound daunting -- after all, we're talking about taking on more "work", aren't we?

But -- this is a step we MUST do if we want to accomplish something.  You've got to start before you can finish!  And the idea of starting a project should fill you with energy -- not drain you!

Hey -- maybe this is about Springtime projects!  Consider projects that will make you feel good -- and use this energy to help see you through the process!

Have a great weekend ...



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Thanks...good advice!!

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