Monday, February 04, 2013

Relationship Spread

I use this one a lot -- it has two paths leading down to a common intersection.  One path is the querant, the other is the "relationship interest".  Spread offers ample opportunity to pull additional cards to further explore various points.

The Spread:

1  What you're looking for
2  What other is looking for
3  What you want from other
4  What other wants from you
5  Weaknesses you bring
6  Weaknesses other brings
7  Strengths you offer
8  Strengths other offers
9  Result

(optional -- you can draw as many of these as is necessary)
10  What hinders result
11  What helps result


Toni said...

Cool spread. I am currently in process of severing a relationship and I am open to a new person to come into my life. Do you think the tarot can help with that?

Toni in Georgia

Woodsong said...

Hi Toni -- breaking off a relationship can be a very tumultuous time. Tarot can help you examine your thoughts, feelings, weaknesses, and strengths -- in this sense, it can help make you a stronger person better able to cope with unpleasant times. For instance, are you ready for a new person in your life right away? Or, do you need to "clean up the clutter" first?

voyance said...

Its all very helpful, thanks so much for sharing this.