Friday, February 01, 2013

Fill the Cross Spread

Well, it's been about a bazillion years since my last post -- things have been very hectic (screwy economy!), but I think they're about to settle down for me (but am keeping my fingers crossed!)

The fourth season of Sherwood Forest Faire starts up next weekend -- I'll once again be out there in the yellow vardo doing Tarot readings!  If you have a chance to pass by (we're 40 miles from Austin, just off 290), please come and say "Hi"!

Rather than post a reading this time, I wanted to share one of the spreads I like to use.  In fact, I use this spread more than half the time at Sherwood.

It's an original spread -- I call it "Fill the Cross".  When you lay the first eight cards out, they leave a little "plus sign" or "cross" in the middle.  After reading the first eight, I lay the ninth card down on top of this "cross".

The spread lends itself well to "General" and "Career" readings.  I can also draw additional cards (if necessary) and create "spurs" off the cards along the edges to dig further if I need to.

Here's how I read the cards:

Card 1: Where you are right now
Card 2: What holds you back
Card 3: What pulls you forward
Card 4: A weakness to be addressed
Card 5: A strength to be utilized
Card 6: How you might turn the weakness
Card 7: How you might apply the strength
Card 8: What you'll see along the way
- and finally -
Card 9: What you'll see at the end

The Spread:


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