Friday, February 22, 2013

Maybe It's Time to Take a Stand?

It's "Go Texan" day here in Houston!  Everyone (well, most everyone) dresses up in Western garb (hats and boots especially) as they head off to work and other daily activities.

It's all to celebrate our annual Livestock Show and Rodeo -- which lasts about 3 weeks.  Loads of country music stars and concerts every night, outdoor rides and attractions, big-time rodeo stuff (I challenge you to watch the bull-riding and not be blown away!), shows for the kiddies.  Oh -- and trail riders.

The trail-riders have been coming in from hundreds of miles away -- on horseback, with chuck-wagons, they've been camping out as they come.  The final day (today), many of the highways in Houston are full of horseback trail-riders (which means you've got to plan your driving very carefully!) 

The whole arrangement is a lot of fun -- we used to do the concerts and shows, but never seem to have the time anymore.  Have a four-year old grand-daughter that we're going to try to bring to the animal petting zoos, though. 

She's all decked out in her western finery, too.  Her nursery school is having a "Go Texan" party.

There's something about wearing a hat and boots that just makes you feel ready to "cowboy up" and take on challenges!

So ... how about a reading for the upcoming weekend?

Again, we're pulling two cards.  The first card is some basic message; the second card further explains that message.

Our first card is:

The Seven of Cups

Tarot - Seven of Cups

This card is a "dreaming/thinking" card.  It suggests the time we spend playing "what-if" games in our head.  It's a good card to exercise -- this mental advance-work helps us conceive/envision future paths we may wish to explore -- or paths we may wish to avoid!

Although generally a healthy card -- this card does have a "danger" side!  This danger comes when we spend too much time dreaming "what-if" and not spending enough time making things happen.

And that's kind of what our second card is suggesting:

The Tower
Tarot - The Tower

The Tower suggests an abrupt change -- if you've been dithering/dathering (is dathering a word?  If not, it ought to be!) thinking about options, then maybe this is a good time to take a stand, stop the dreaming, and put things in gear to try and achieve the position you've been thinking about?

Problems at work?  Stop thinking about it -- do something about it.  Issues not working in your personal life?  Stop thinking about it -- take action!  Wondering about personal or phyical improvement -- stop thinking about it -- do something!

The real message is that by taking action, you do advance yourself ... even if you don't achieve your goal.  You learn more in the process of taking action -- which makes you that much more likely to achieve your goal next time you get in gear!

That's the message here -- hope you can spot something useful!

Have a great weekend ...

and "Go Texan"!


Lourdes said...

Being a susbcriber to your woodsong readings by e-mail for years, now i'm enjoying very much your blog (congrats, by the way!)
Just wanted to greet you and tell you i love your readings. They always hit right and they are a most welcome advice and spiritual guidance ;-)
best wishes and stay in touch!
and... cowboys/-girls rock!

Alexsandria said...
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Alexsandria said...

Thank you soooo much....This msg was really meant for me to hear....sometimes I get tired of trying to force things to happen that I just have to stop and let them happen on their own. But now I've gotten complacent with daydreaming and waiting that I've forgotten to use my Mars (Arian) energy to benefit me and take action!!
PS: I've also read your readings for years and enjoy them. I'm soooo happy you are back!

Anonymous said...

These cards come up for me a lot. Thanks for the insightful reading. Proves my belief that a reader can't read as well for themselves. Its like looking for a forest through the trees.

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