Monday, February 25, 2013


Hiya -- hope you had a great weekend!  Mine wore me out completely -- I am SO tired today!

Wanted to share something with you that made me chuckle.  I just learned this Friday.  (It's a long story, but has a kicky ending)

I'm half Cajun (Lousiana bayou country) and half Sicilian.  My dad (the Cajun part) was very into geneology and was always tickled about one of our ancestors, Joseph Broussard.

The Acadian people (Cajuns) originally came from the Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island area -- even parts of northern Maine (Acadia).  They were French Canadians and considered themselves Frenchmen.

As a result of the Seven Years war in the mid 1700's, the British took ownership of what was French Canada.  This didn't sit very well with the citizens of the area -- especially the Acadians.

To say they resisted the British would be putting it very lightly -- they aggressively resisted the British ... and the British violently retaliated.

During a series of "wars" (really local skirmishes), the British would deport the Acadians they captured.  They also deported Acadians whose land they took.  This forced exodus of the Acadians was the basis for Henry Longfellow's poem "Evangeline" (perhaps the most popular American poem ever -- it's a hard read, but a real tear-jerker of a story).

One of the foremost Acadian leaders was Joseph Broussard -- also known as "Beausoleil" (or "Sunshine").  Think of the Mel Gibson character in "The Patriot" and you'll get an idea of what he was.  Broussard led guerilla battles against the British for several years -- ambushing troops, cutting supply lines, even privateering.  He was pretty much a pain in the rear and was Britain's "Public Enemy #1" in the area -- although the Acadians viewed him as a patriot, hero, and a protector.

Anyway, he was eventually captured -- spent a few years being imprisoned before he was deported to France.

After a few months in France, "Beausoleil" gathered other expelled Acadians and led an immigration to Louisiana where they settled in and around the Atchafalaya Basin area.  Many families in this French region of Louisiana claim Joseph Broussard as a direct ancestor.

Of course, some of these families moved to other parts of America.  In particular, one young lady who was a Broussard descendant with the last name of "Knowles" -- she met a young man, fell in love, they married, and moved to Houston where they had two lovely and talented daughters. 

In fact, one of these daughters became a multi-Grammy winning artist who was the featured half-time performer at the most recent Super Bowl.

Yep -- Beyonce' and I share a common ancestor! (and that's the kicky ending!)

On to the reading!

Sometimes we get involved readings -- but not this time.  This is a very direct and straightforward reading.

We being with "The World" (reversed).
Tarot - The World

The World is the ultimate happy outcome -- it's what everyone strives for.  It suggests that point where you accomplish and gain the things you most want in life.  The reversal suggests we'll have to wait to attain this position.

How to get there?  Our second card is "Temperance".

Tarot - Temperance

Temperance is following the safe and accepted path.  Temperance doesn't look for risky short-cuts -- it takes the long-term view and the long-term path.  It might take longer -- but it'll get you there.

So -- how to best assure yourself of attaining The World?  The safe and secure path is most certain.  Live right, save your money, don't rely on risky ventures -- and you'll gain what you want in the end!  It won't be quick -- but it is pretty certain!  "Slow and Steady Wins the Race!"

More readings later -- have a great week til then!



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