Thursday, March 17, 2005

Woodsong Reading


Hope your week's been going well ... I've still been in Wilmington, but am heading back to Houston today.

Not a whole lot's been going on for me the past week -- been so involved in this gig in Wilmington that I haven't really been able to attend to much else.

It's spring break time for my two boys in college -- which means we haven't seen them for several days. They had talked about going to Corpus Christi (nice beaches) or perhaps Mexico, but they called yesterday from Louisiana instead. I think they did the New Orleans/Bourbon Street thing.

Two of my 13 year old daughter's close friends "ran away" from home the other day -- they stayed gone a couple of days. I know they asked my daughter to come along -- I'm glad she said no, but I want to talk to her when I get home to reinforce that 1) she made the right choice, and 2) sometimes it's really hard to make the right choice.

Does anyone ever get good at this parent thing?

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We'll again pull two cards -- the first suggests something we should focus on for the week. The second suggests things we might consider in order to fully benefit from the attributes of the first card.

The cards are:

Three of Cups (Reversed)

The Chariot (Reversed)

Once again, two reversed cards. The repeat of reversals could suggest some sluggishness in getting things in motion. Maybe it's just end-of-Winter blues ... perhaps once Spring kicks in, we'll get an injection of energy?

The Three of Cups could suggest reason for celebration -- of course, the reversal twists this to say we haven't quite achieved that reason yet. Why? Well, let's look at our next card, the Chariot.

The Chariot suggests winning -- achieving what you desire. It doesn't suggest you can do this because you've got super abilities or skills -- it suggests you can do this by force of your will. If you persist in seeking your goal -- and don't let temporary setbacks discourage you -- then you will ultimately win.

It's not that the Chariot ignores temporary failures ... it's more that the Chariot doesn't give them much weight. The goal is what matters.

Being reversed, we again twist this message. Perhaps we are letting temporary setbacks overly influence us?

For example, lets think about something like New Year's resolutions. If you made any, this is about the time most people have suffered some setbacks (smoked a cigarette, ate too much, didn't read the books they wanted to, etc). It's possible that a succession of setbacks creates a habit of "failure" -- and your resolution or goal kind of slips away.

If you try to establish your will, though -- what you want to happen is to lose weight, to quit smoking, to eat better, to exercise more, etc. Keep this in mind and try to impose your will upon yourself. A succession of small successes can just as easily create a habit of "success" -- and you'll find yourself on your way to your goal.

And that's about it this time! I hope things go well for you through the weekend and look forward to talking to you again next week. As always, if you're interested in a private reading, please try my sponsors above or my list of readers at . I also welcome your comments at !

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nidia ochoa said...

I love your readings. It is amazing how accurate the internet readings are. I do not have credit card; and not much money either. But I would like to spend some in a more extensive reading. I do not see that you take money orders or something like that.

nidia ochoa said...

I am going through a crisis. Or rather, I am about to enter a crisis. It is familiar, I had it before. I just dropped everything I was doing: my school goals. At my age I know it is not wise. I am to old to be wasting precious time. But I do not care for this life. I know I will be poor for the not too many years that I have left over. I am depressed. The 3 of cups and chariot, both reversed, reaffirm the crisis that I am experiencing. I was about one hair to complete my career. But I decided to abandon it. I do not care to live anymore. Honestly, I wish I die soon.

Kerry said...

I absolutely love and look forward to reading about your adventures each week. You really do have an exciting life, and a wonderful family life. Like most people, I too look for guidance and answers when going though a crisis. For a long while I havent known what to do about work as I cant seem to find a job that I'm happy in. I find that your readings each week are just perfect of my situation, it's amazing and gives me the insight, strength and courage to keep going to find my true path in life.

Woodsong said...

Hiya Nidia,

Would you drop me an email at -- I'd like to talk to you a bit.


Woodsong said...

Hiya Kerry,

Thanks for your kind words -- I don't know about the exciting part ... what's that Chinese curse, "May you live in exciting times" or something like that?!?!

Just keep after it and things can work out -- most folks have to do the job-changing thing quite a bit. I know I went through it a lot -- and sometimes later in life than I would have liked. Even after you've found a good spot, things can always change and you find yourself with itchy feet again.

I was in a position I loved for many years; we had a management "upheaval" and it became a completely untolerable, micro-managed spot. The entire shop became so despondent that management brought in a consultant to figure out what they had done wrong. They didn't do anything with the consultant's report (which said that management was the problem), but the consultant told me one thing that stuck with me. After I moaned and complained to him about how bad and short-sighted the new upper management had become, how little input we had to change things, and how unhappy I was with the situation, the consultant told me "Misery's optional." Well, he actually told me a little story that went along with it, but the end product was "misery's optional".

His point was that you always have choices. I my case, I could choose to stick it out -- in which case it would be my decision to accept the inept managers -- or I could start looking for a new job. In either case, I was really the one in control.

This helped me a lot because I had been feeling that I had no control over things -- and it made me realize this wasn't true. I might have no control over events at this particular company, but I had complete control over events that affected me.


Anonymous said...

I would like to say that I have suffered with depression, and am now on medication for the last 2 years. It helps a lot, but there are still some dark times in my life. I have also followed the pattern when depression hits, before I went on the medication, and that is spend several weeks just feeling down, and then shaking myself out of it and then make the decision that something has to change. I have done the university thing, I know that it can be tough, there were times when I was strapped for cash buying the text books and the fees. Fortunately for me, I was in a position where I can have what we call in Australia as HECS, where I can defer the payments and pay it off either through what I earned or through voluntary payments, but there was still other fees which are called Guild Fees which you had to pay each year. I was at university 12 years ago, and finished paying off the HECS debt last year, mainly through voluntary payments as I was sick of getting the letters each year to say how much I owed and to see how much "indexation" was added.
It's amazing how some things can be blessings in disguise. I had suffered with depression, looking back (not knowing it at the time), and only knew that I had depression because I found myself in a very unenviable position of being a single mum. Of all the times of the thoughts of depression, this was the darkest and the worst I have ever encountered, so for the sake of my son I went to the doctor and got myself on some medication. I wouldn't say that life was wonderful, but it is a damn sight better than it was!!!
Also, after getting my Bachelor of Science, 12 years ago, I have come to the conclusion that is not enough. I find life rather boring with being a single mum and working. I am turning my hand at some creative things, but even that is not proving to be enough. I am still wondering what to do, I have been stuck with this problem for a very long time, at least 6 months. I have tarot readings on another website and I still get the message that I need to be patient and whatever, and don't do anything hasty or rash, but I am getting sick of it!!!!

lora said...

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