Saturday, March 05, 2005

Woodsong Reading


Hope your week's started off well! I'm off to Wilmington, Delaware this coming week. Looking forward to some good clam chowder!

I had a real nice time in Nashville last week; did some tourist stuff and had a chance to visit Gruhn Guitar's again.

I can think of four "famous" music/guitar stores in America -- Elderly Instruments in Lansing, Manny's in New York City, Mandolin Brothers in ... (where are they from? Delaware? New Jersey?), and Gruhn's in Nashville. Gruhn's is probably the most famous. (I know Sam Ash and Guitar Center are probably the two biggest names, but they're really chain stores.)

One Gruhn story that sticks in my head -- many years ago, Eric Clapton spent the day at Gruhn's, playing various Fender Stratocasters (Clapton had been a Gibson man previously). He bought a couple that he gave to friends, but couldn't find one that was just right for himself. He realized that he liked the neck from one guitar, the body of another, and the pickups/sound of a third. Gruhn's swapped the pieces around ... and the result was "Blackie", the black Stratocaster Clapton used for so many years.

Seem's like last time I went to Gruhn's (years and years ago), they were pretty good about letting you play the guitars. Now, you have to have a salesperson work with you if you want to play -- that was disappointing, because I really enjoyed when you could spend an hour or two and just fiddle around.

Elderly Instruments is still like that. It was originally a fairly large house in Lansing, Michigan -- they've expanded some rooms but kept others the original size. It works very well that way -- all the acoustic guitars are in a large room (and there are plenty of chairs so you can sit and play all you want), the electrics are in another large room, they have a smaller room for amplifiers -- which means you can close the door and wail away all you want. They have violins in another small room so you can close the door and be able to hear the violin over the sound of people wailing away! Lots of sheet music, books, and mandolins, banjos, dobros, ukelele's, etc. They encourage you to play everything, too.

I used to go to Detroit a lot -- I'd always break away on Thursday afternoons (Elderly stays open late on Thursday) and drive the 90 miles or so to Lansing. Elderly would often have live music from touring acoustic groups, so it made for a fun evening.

Been to Manny's in Manhattan, but didn't care for it much -- it was just a small, crowded, fast-paced music store and the prices weren't very good. I think Manny's main claim to fame is that Jimi Hendrix used to shop there.

Oops, sorry -- I got carried away talking about guitars ... my bad! How about a quick word from our sponsors, and then on to the reading!


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We'll again pull two cards -- the first suggests something we should focus on for the week. The second suggests things we might consider in order to fully benefit from the attributes of the first card.

The cards are:

Ten of Wands (Reversed)

The Empress (Reversed)

You might remember that I feel whenever all or a majority of the cards in a reading are reversed, there's usually a single action or event that can turn them upright. In this case, we're going to look for a single thing that links these two reversed cards.

The Ten of Wands refers to hard work -- hard, slow work. Sounds really tedious, but it also suggests eventual success. Because -- if you hack away at something, making a little progress every day, then you're going to succeed!

One thing this takes is patience -- and the reversal suggests this might be a problem. Let's think of "impatience" being suggested by this Ten ... and let's look at our next card to see how to turn it around.

The Empress usually refers to nurturing or maternal activity. This is not only an act of caring and giving, but it also receives comfort as well. Caring for something, comitting to an action, means you become part of the object. This sense of "joining" or "belonging" provides comforting feedback.

So ... let's think of this Empress as suggesting a feeling of belonging. Reversed, we have the opposite -- a feeling of being left out. When we put the two cards together, we might see something like this:

What can make us feel impatient -- well, obviously, if we want some immediate payoff and aren't willing to wait -- or work -- for the results, then we'll be impatiently disappointed! The Empress suggests a way out -- why not take a little time to enjoy being part of something? I'm not thinking of stopping and smelling a rose, I'm thinking of stopping and realizing that you and the rose are both living, breathing occupants of the world. You're both made of similar components.

How about the community you live in? Is it just a place where you sleep, watch TV, and eat? Or, do you do something to be a part of the community? Do you keep up with neighbors or your neighborhood groups? Do you volunteer time at various community activites? How about working with local clubs or hobby groups? Do you help out with neighborhood schools? Attend local plays and concerts? What about stopping to visit when you shop at neighborhood stores?

How about family? Are you just a bunch of people who live in the same house, are do you make the time to do things that make you identify as a group?

If you do any of this, it makes you slow down a bit -- and you may find that slowing down and becoming a part of something is it's own reward. You may also notice that you're enjoying taking things a bit slower -- which will likely mean any feeling of impatience will disappear. It's not always the ultimate goal that's important, it's often what you accomplish along the way.

And that's about it this time! I hope things go well for you through the weekend and look forward to talking to you again next week. As always, if you're interested in a private reading, please try my sponsors above or my list of readers at . I also welcome your comments at !

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Anonymous said...

Just read the reading that I had received 4 hours ago. Pretty much describes everything that has been happening or at least how I have been for the last day or so. I have been kind of involved in a guy which means that I have to basically have to wait around for him to get in touch with, and it has been a very long four weeks and I thought that enough is enough and pretty much said as much to him one way or another. Although this morning I have been just going about doing my housework and not at all interacting with my son, well not much anyway. But then about the time the e-mail came through (only just read it)my son and I was at my mum's place and then my brother turned up and had the usual cup of teas and chat. So even though it had started out quite bad (the weekend) I actually feel quite good now (it is now Sunday evening 5.30pm Perth, Australia).

Debbie said...

can you see any hope for this man to come in to my life, he waited 3 months, he's a neighbor, his wife asked him for devorce after 34 yrs, and he was devestated, then he asked me to come over, and I was always attreacted to him, but left well enough alone, am single, then next couple of days he calls and says hhis wife wants to try to work it out.....what is the Deal? she dumps him, and he hurts really bad, then he trys to start a new life, he is everything that I want in a man. do you see him comming back to me?I really care for him, And I could make a life with him.....Dollyd

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