Friday, February 04, 2005

New Toy!

Got two new things in the last couple of days -- first is the remainder of my root canal (boo hiss), but the second's a little more fun ... a crystal ball!

I already had a small (2 inch) one -- but just never could connect with it. An unexpected check came in that wasn't already spent, so I decided to treat myself to a larger crystal ball -- it's about 6 inches in diameter.

I'm still setting up the right environment -- I've got just the right set of candles to surround it (and discovered the ball acts as a lens to concentrate the candle light ... just like a spotlight! Have to be careful not to arrange them so the light hits my eyes!) but still need a nice black cloth to cover the base.

I understand it may take several sessions before you're able to see things in the ball -- you've got to relax and empty your mind. That's always been hard for me to do -- although I'm more receptive at some times of the day than at others. Just means I'm going to have to practice and use some mind-clearing tricks that I used to use long ago.

I'll let you know when I start to have some success!

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