Tuesday, November 14, 2017

You Don't Have to Accept It ...

Hi All,

Everyone is so tired here; had company this weekend and planned to go to the Texas Renaissance Festival.  Unfortunately, because of unfathomable decisions by some city officials, the last little town you pass through on the way to the festival decided to block the highway for several hours.  Traffic jam was miles and miles and miles long!  We finally found an alternate route -- added about 50 miles to the trip, but we got there hours before anyone who remained in the traffic jam.

Ever feel trapped in a situation -- one where you had no control over things?  This weeks reading talks about this -- hope it suggests a way out for you when it happens!

As always, here's the link if the video doesn't display https://youtu.be/ll9msVOa0XA

Hope this week treats you well!  See you again in a few days!


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