Tuesday, March 17, 2015

New Video Reading

Want to see this week's video tarot reading (from Sherwood Forest Faire again)?  Just click on 
Tarot by Woodsong !


lora said...

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lora said...

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Anonymous said...

Hello. i love your blog and I'm worried about you because I have not read or received over its forecasts. You are right? when we have other predictions that help us too? thanks and big hug

Anonymous said...

Hi, Woodwong.

I've enjoyed your tarot readings for a long time now because they really help me to deal with the energies present and create my future rather than let it happen to me. I haven't received any for awhile, and, not only do I miss your wisdom, I worry that you are doing all right. I hope to see your blog and YouTube videos back again.

Blessings to you.


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mary e Jennings said...

I really enjoyed your readings. Hope you are well and doing okay. Have you gave up reading the tarot...I sure hope not. Hope you begin again soon...Take care

rosy123 said...

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