Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Change It Up!


Sorry to be late this week -- I had Monday off (recovering from Dickens) and had to play catchup yesterday.

Dickens was ... well, it was COLD!!!!  Attendance was only 30% of normal -- the cold and winds kept the crowds away.  We did okay, but was really, really glad when it was over and we could go and stay somewhere warm for a day or so.

For those who don't know, Galveston has a historic downtown area called "the Strand".  First weekend in December, they do a Victorian-themed street festival called "Dickens-on-the-Strand"; the streets are closed off and many street vendors put up vending booths (including our own "Tarot by Woodsong" booth!). 
Tarot by Woodsong at Dickens-on-the-Strand!

We had a pretty decent spot -- just inside a busy entrance.  We were the only booth on our side of the street, though (others were across the street). 

Funny thing was that the big cruise ships docked about three blocks away just down the same street.  These huge ships blocked much of the wind when they were there -- but when they left in the afternoon, the 35 MPH freezing winds hit us full force!

Planning ways we can heat the booth (and keep the heat in) for next year!

Let's jump into this week's reading before I get too distracted!

We'll pull two cards -- first offers a topic to consider, second offers tips to help us thing about the first.

Our first card is ... the Eight of Wands.

This is a card suggesting movement -- or "change".  This disturbs a lot of people because change ... well, change might be scary.  Many folks don't like change -- even if they don't like where they are, they dislike change even more!

Why dislike change -- well, because things might be worse.  This is true -- but things might also be a heck of a lot better, too!  That's the part we need to focus on.  If we're not changing -- if we keep doing the same things the same way for the same reasons -- then we're not growing.  The whole idea of this life journey we're all on is to grow and improve ourselves ... so we really need to keep an open mind about change.

Why?  Well, let's look at our second card ... the Wheel of Fortune.

The Wheel reminds us that sometimes we're on the top of the world -- and other times we may feel like the world is on top of us.  It's a cycle -- if you're on top, don't get too complacent, because your fortunes may fall.  If you're on the bottom, don't get too discouraged because things may improve.

The real message about the Wheel is that if you take an active hand, you can extend your time on the top or hasten your rise from the bottom.  Don't sit back and let events dictate things -- take an active hand to guide your fortunes.

And how do we do this?  Well, not by doing the same things the same way for the same reasons -- we do it by introducing and accepting "change".  Look for good things you can do to improve your fortune -- and look for bad things you can stop doing that are hindering our advancement.  Find the changes that will help you the most and set them in place!

That's about it for now -- my fingers are still numb from the weekend!  I'll see you again soon -- and have a great week!



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