Friday, November 15, 2013



Hope your week's been treating you well -- I've had another busy one here.  Got to most of the things I had planned -- as well as a few that weren't planned. 

The biggest unplanned one was a dentist visit for a toothache that turned into a massive root canal ordeal.  Had that Wednesday; am still drugged up because of it.  That, combined with my carpal tunnel hands, has resulted in some very interesting typing and spelling.  Every time I hit the spacebar, I also hit the "m" key.  I'm going back and correcting as I type, but I'm sure I'll miss some.

Let's jump into a reading for this weekend -- again, we'll pull two cards.  First offers a starting point -- second suggests where we can go if we implement that starting point.

Our first card -- is The Emperor!

Interesting -- we began with this card in our last reading!  Guess he's not finished with us yet.

Rather than repeat what this card suggests (it's the same as last time), I'll just short-cut it a little.  The Emperor is about preparing to ensure a good, solid infrastructure -- not about enjoying the results of that infrastructure.  The Emperor cares about planting the fields rather than thinking about the harvest -- because he knows you have to plant before you can harvest!  Because of this, he usually sees the big picture and plans well for the future.  He doesn't get impatient waiting for results ... he knows that if you prepare properly, the results will come in time.

Well, if we take the long view ... if we plan things out and prepare accordingly, what can we expect?

Our next card suggests exactly that -- the Three of Cups.

This is a celebration card -- it suggests that things work out and we attain success.  Furthermore, it's more of a "we earned it", not a "we were given it" type of success.  You have to work for it -- but if you do, you gain the success you deserve.  Furthermore, since you do work for it, you'll appreciate it more!

So -- think about spending a little more time planning.  I know it's easiest just to "go with the flow" and deal with things as they happen -- but if you really want to attain something, you're best served by following a plan.  Whether that's schooling or experience to gain a better job, wanting to further a relationship, or even advancing to better housing, you'll further your chances of success by careful planning --and then following (and adjusting as necessary) that plan!

That's it for now -- hope you have a great weekend!



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