Monday, September 16, 2013

Hopeful Expectations!


Hope your weekend went swell -- had a busy one over here.  Thought I had my Tarot Booth done -- then decided to do tarot readings at Dickens-on-the-Strand in early December in Galveston.  Have to alter the booth for requirements at Dickens.  Will make it wider, plus will have to change my "yellow/blue" colors to "red/green" since Dickens requires booths to be "Christmasy".  I'm really looking forward to it.

Dickens-on-the-Strand is a weekend street fair in downtown Galveston near Christmas time.  Everyone dresses up in Victoria garb -- good food, good drinks, good music, parades, etc.  Plus, you've got the beach as well! 

We were going to be there anyway (went first time last year and loved it) and already had our hotel reserved (on the beach!), so it was an easy decision about doing readings.  Sent my application off today!

Between working on the booth Saturday morning, football Saturday afternoon and evening (Alabama/Texas A&M and the LSU game), plus helping a friend move Sunday (although didn't get much done) combined with total collapse Sunday evening, I had a pretty busy weekend.  The good news is that allergies haven't affected me much this weekend -- maybe the season's closing up?  Or maybe the echinecea is finally kicking in!

Echinecea is magic for me -- totally blocks out allergy problems.  Only downside is that I have to start taking it about two months before the allergy season -- and I'm VERY forgetful.

Enough about my weekend -- again, hope yours went fine!  Let's jump into a reading to start the week.  Again, the first card sets the table, the second card brings it home.

Our first card -- the Knight of Wands.
This is a very energetic and busy card.  It's always ready to take on new challenges and is very confident about succeeding.  This Knight doesn't shy away from tough challenges!

That's the good news -- the bad news is that this knight (like all knights) isn't always successful.  The main issue is lack of focus -- knight's have great intentions, but tend to be a little scatter brained.  Planning isn't their strong point -- they'd rather jump right into a project and figure it out as they go.

This will work sometimes -- but won't othertimes.  With a little advanced planning, we can greatly improve this Knight's success rate.

So what should we consider if we find ourselves in this Knight's shoes?  How about our next card -- The Star.
This Major Arcana (or Trump) card suggests being hopeful.  When faced with difficulties, the Star  doesn't get discouraged.  It keeps it's eye on the end goal, not on the stumbling blocks that may arise along the way.  It's always confident that things will work out -- even when times seem dire.

If we think how these two cards might fit, we can see where the Knight of Wands might get discouraged at times.  It's always jumping into a challenge -- and sometimes hasn't prepared properly.  This oftentimes leads to failure.  Although this Knight is confident, repeated failures can lead to discouragement.

And that's where the Star comes in -- don't get discouraged, remain hopeful about eventual success.  The Star offers focus -- if things fail, then examine them to determine what you can do to correct problems ... then correct them.  Rather than quitting after failure, the Star takes the necessary time to honestly analyze issues and find (and correct) problems blocking your success.

If you join "energy and expectations of success" with "realistic and hopeful", you get a very powerful combination.  Think of ways you can use these energies to help you along this week!

Hope you have a good one -- will talk to you later!



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