Friday, June 07, 2013

Change -- For the Better!


Had a lot of stuff going on this week -- but have cleared pretty much all of it away.  Hoping for a quiet Friday.

I'm planning on expanding my site at Sherwood Forest Renaissance Festival for next year.  Right now, I have a single bowtop gypsy vardo set up with a couple of outside tables for readings.

I'm planning on adding two more vardos -- one will be a French Roulotte style, not sure about the other yet.  Both will be built on small trailers.

Here's an example of the roulotte styling -- kind of like a pavillion on wheels.  My goal is to have at least two vardo's where my partners and I can perform reading "indoors".

Anyway, I've collected the two trailers (Harbor Freight had them on sale), but need to start assembling them this weekend.  So ... that's my weekend plans.

Hope your weekend will be more fun than mine!

Let's move on to the reading -- we'll again draw two cards.  One will suggest some concept we might consider.  The second will suggest a way we might best utilitze that concept.

Our first card is ... the Eight of Wands.
 This card is about movement -- about change.  It suggests moving from one place to another -- not necessarily a physical move, but perhaps an attitude adjustment or a change in the way you evaluate things.

Most people aren't too crazy about change.  I think that's because they're concerned things might be difficult ... or even worse ... after a change.  Well, it's true, they might.  BUT -- they also might be much improved -- so why not consider it?   If it comes with difficulties, then address and resolve those difficulties.  That's not anything different from what you have to do every day.  Once the dust settles, you may find yourself in a much improved place.

What does our second card say about this -- the Ten of Cups?
I tell folks there are three really "Happy Ending" cards in the deck -- and this is one of them.  I call this the "Happy Family Card".  It suggests that we'll find contentment in our relationships with our circle of friends and family -- with the people we most care about (and who most care about us).

Sometimes, a change makes it easier to recognize, appreciate and value those around us.  Sometimes it makes it easier for those around us to appreciate ourselves!  A change in perception can help us realize the things that are really most important.

Do you feel your personal relationships are kind of in a rut?  If so, shake things up a bit -- look for ways you can change both yourself and your interactions with those around you.  This might just clear away the clutter to help you best enjoy yourself and your family/friends.

Have a great weekend!



Anonymous said...

Thank you for the reading, and the picture of the roulette style Vardo is really cute. I'm holding a good thought for the construction and creativity of the two you're making to go easy and seeing them beautiful.!

Wendy John said...

Thanks... funny thing... I have been traveling for the past week visiting my kids and we had very similar conversation... re: perceptions and changes... best wishes on your project.. I'm now in Chicago for a Blues Fest... I'll have fun for you!

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