Friday, March 22, 2013

Take Time before Choosing

Hi there -- hope your week has been going well!

I'm on an assignment in Dallas and have pretty tied up all week.  Finally got a few minutes this morning to pull our cards for the weekend.

I always enjoy hitting the bookstores in Dallas -- plus there's a Mongolian restaurant I really like.  I am SO boring!

How about our cards ...

Our first card is The Moon.

When you look at things under the moonlight, it's difficult to see them clearly.  You may see things that aren't there -- or misinterpret what you see.  Later, when the sun rises, you're able to view the situation properly as it really is.

Our second card is the Two of Swords.

This Two suggests a choice -- or a decision ... a really difficult one.  A choice where you're just not too sure what to do.

And what might make it difficult to decide?  Why, if you're not seeing things clearly, then it's difficult to choose.

When face with a difficult decision, consider whether or not you're evaluating the situation properly.  The Moon might suggest that you're not viewing things as they really are -- but as they may appear to be instead.  If the input is bad, the output may be bad as well.  (Or, as we say in the tech field, "Garbage in, garbage out.")

Take a little extra time to consider the parameters of your decision -- are you interpreting them in the only way they can be interpreted?  If not, then taking a little time to shed a little extra light can make your choices easier.

Have a great weekend!



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