Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Get Started!

Hi -- hope you had a fine weekend! We had a dear friend up from Baton Rouge and had a full weekend shopping, visiting, and sight-seeing. Trying to get the "back to school" shopping out of the way early. Texas does this thing where they waive all sales taxes on clothes and school supplies for a weekend right before school starting back up. You really want to avoid the stores that weekend -- they're a pure madhouse!

Was glad to see the "experts" down-grading their hurricane predictions for this season -- I'm still pretty hurricane-shy after last year's Ike. Not that it means they'll be right -- just that we won't have to hear weather "conspirary theorists" spouting off for a while. That's always a relief!

How about we get onto that reading!

We'll again pull two cards -- the first suggests something we should focus on for the week. The second suggests things we might consider in order to fully benefit from the attributes of the first card. Our cards this week are:

Three of Pentacles

Knight of Pentacles

The Three of Pentacles is one of my favorites cards -- I think of it as a "Joy of work" card!

Have you ever been involved in an activity -- so involved that you don't really notice time passing? You're completely absorbed by the tasks, completely engaged by the challenges. It's a really nice feeling -- when you finally do look up and realize "Wow, where did the time go?", you probably feel like you've accomplished a bit. You've extended and expressed yourself and your skills ... and you don't feel put-upon at all. You've really enjoyed the process.

That's what this card suggests -- performing a task so dilligently that you and the task become one for that short period of time. The work defines you -- and you define the work.

This card simply acknowledges that performing a job well can be it's own reward. I don't think you have to be particularly skilled in order to enjoy this feeling -- I can spend hours playing my guitar (and torturing my family and neighbors in the process!) and I'll feel wonderful at the end ... even though I'm not particularly any good. Those rare times when I get a "cleaning urge" and spend an afternoon fixing up a cluttered room fill me with great satisfaction -- and I end up more relaxed than if I'd have spent that time taking a nap! Doing something well -- or at least being totally involved in doing something -- can give you much more energy than you might have spent in the process!

This is a pretty positive card for us -- it's suggesting there are tasks we can undertake where the results will greatly reward us. So ... what's the hangup?

Well, our second card, the Knight of Pentacles is actually very supportive of this activity. This knight is a plodder -- he stays on task, he stays on focus, and he sees things through to the end. He's not flashy, he's not fancy -- but he gets things done! But ... he's reversed!

In this case, the reversal likely signifies some reluctance to actually get started. Perhaps an ennui, perhaps it's just too darn hot to get started on something, perhaps we just don't feel like we have the energy to devote to a task, perhaps we don't see the point ... could be lots of reasons. The thing to remember is that regardless of whether or not we can see it from right here, we know from the Three of Pentacles that, once we get involved in a task, we'll reap the rewards. It's as sure as night following day -- we KNOW this will happen!

So ... if you feel it's necessary, give your inner Knight of Pentacles just a tiny nudge. It might take a little effort to start a heavy ball rolling ... but once it starts going, it doesn't take much to keep it going. The sturdiness of the Knight and the enthusiasm of the Three suggest this might be a great time to consider tasks or projects -- and that you'll be very successful in those you choose.


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