Friday, April 24, 2009

Size Doesn't Matter!

I hope your week's been going well -- I thought I was going to have time to get this out earlier this week, but the days just started filling up at the last minute. Seems to be happening a lot lately.

Am off to San Mateo next week -- looking forward to it! I've been having some allergy things goings on and am hoping the change of scenery will make a positive difference. That's not why I'm going, of course -- I'm just hoping it will be a pleasant side effect.

One of our cats (Pooh Bear) has been feeling sickly. He had some cysts that added about 4 pounds to his weight -- we had them surgically removed earlier in the year, but they came right back. This time, the vet just drained them in the office. We now have a skinny cat (4 pounds less!), but he won't eat even though he's always hungry. We're now trying blenderizing his cat food into a soup -- that seems to be working so far. Not quite the same morning aroma as a pot of coffee -- but it does wake you up!

Let's move on to reading!

We'll again pull two cards -- the first suggests something we should focus on for the week. The second suggests things we might consider in order to fully benefit from the attributes of the first card. Our cards this week are:

The Sun

The Emperor

Just a couple of quick thoughts -- first, these are both Trump cards (or Major Arcana). Whenever I see a majority of Trump cards in a reading, I always listen a little harder; I figure they're trying to suggest something really important.

Next, we again have a reversed first card. This might make some sense -- a reversed initial card suggests we need to take some action or corrective behavior in order to enjoy the positive aspects of the card. Maybe since we're starting off again, we have some backed up work we need to do!

I find The Sun to be one of the easiest to understand cards of all the Trumps. I think of it like this -- imagine you're sitting on top of a hill and dawn hasn't come yet. It's still dark -- you can't see all that much, even though you know there are things around you. Dawn starts to break -- you can now see glimpses of your surroundings -- you can tell you're on a hill and you can see there's a valley beneath you, but the morning mist clouds things and you can't really make out details. As the sun fully rises, it slowly burns away the fog and you can clearly see, identify, and understand everything ... and that's what The Sun suggests to me! When things are hidden from you -- when the situation is murky and you can't really see the proper path to take, you really need The Sun to fully rise and make things clear and apparent.

This is a really good thing! A nice card to have in our leading position -- but we need to set it upright in order to see our path clearly.

And this is where The Emperor can help us. Think of The Emperor as a truly benevolent ruler. He's not in it for the riches or the palaces, he's in it because he truly cares for the well-being of his people. In the deck I use (the The Robin Wood Tarot deck), the Emperor isn't even sitting in a fancy throne in a palace. He's sitting outside in an ordinary looking throne -- suggesting that his cares are the well-being of his lands and people.

He takes his duties to his people personally -- they are his responsibilities. In fact, that's what motivates and drives him -- his responsibilities. That's how he views the world and his path -- in terms of his responsibilities.

And that's what we should do in order to realize the upright benefits of The Sun ... let ourselves be motivated by our responsibilities! We all have duties -- to our schooling, to our work, our family, our friends, and to ourselves. If we view our daily path in terms of "How does this help my abilities to perform my responsibilities", our path becomes clearer. Rather than blindly doing the same thing every day, we now view ourselves as making progress along the paths we've chosen.

If we really commmit to our responsibilities -- not view them just as things we have to do, but view them as things we have to do well, then our path becomes even more clearer and fulfilling. We being to enjoy putting in the extra effort to excel -- because we gain postive feedback immediately ... since we see how it improves our ability to perform the things we're responsible for.

Remember, we're not talking about changing the world ... just our own little part of it. If we do that one little part well, we'll feel just as fulfilled as does The Emperor.

And that's it for this week! Hope things go well for you till next time! I'll be posting this reading to my blog at and welcome your comments there! Have a great week!


dolittlemrs said...

Sorry to hear about Pooh Bear. Please try giving him baby food. Gerber...I gave this to my cat who was sick and they all (I have 6 cats) ended up loving it. When the jar pops, they all come running. He gobbled it up. I got the chicken and the turkey flavor. I believe its the first stage (small jar). It's a lot more convenient then blending food and I can guarantee he will love it and love you for giving it to him. Pls. keep us posted on how it works and how he's doing please. Thanks!!!!

Sage said...

Poor sweet Pooh Bear. But at least he has loving parents who care so much for him. He'll come around in time but needs the patience and love. I have found that when science all else fails, prayers work! There is some benevolent Energy Force out there that works to protect animals.
I love your tarot readings and learn so much. I have been reading cards for many years - the irony of it all is that the divination and psychological aspects are not as interesting as the fact that tarot cards are proving that we live in a holographic universe.
Thanks so much for sharing!
My regards to you, your loved ones and sweet Pooh Bear.

Sage said...

Oh I almost forgot - Please keep us updated on Pooh's recovery. I love cats. He was the reason I decided to!!

Sunshine said...

Thanks for the latest Tarot reading relating to the Sun and Emperor cards - there were certain phrases that you used that hit the nail of the head for me. It seems as if you are looking into a crystal ball and know exactly what is going on in my life right now. Sorry to hear about your cat. Have a great weekend!

Time flys, have fun said...

Again, you have hit on exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you for posting again. Get well wishes for Pooh Bear!

debbie said...

Sorry for you loss. I too had lost my loyal companion of 9+ years on 4/27/09. Leah was a beautiful German Shepherd who will always be with me in heart and mind just as Pooh Bear will be with you and your family.

Take care!

susane said...

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