Friday, November 02, 2007

Don't Let Them Pull You Down!

I had a cancellation this week, so spent the week in Houston playing catch up -- lots of doctor visits, taking care of things that have piled up around the house, projects that I've been putting off ... lots of things like that. I haven't finished everything (just realized my registration sticker on my truck is expiring!), but I'm at least getting within sight of the bottom of the pile.

My daughter (who's been giving me all kinds of trouble the last couple of years) is throwing me a new one -- she's actually behaving! She's doing well in school and is hanging around good kids. She actually smiles now and then and almost never grumbles about how much she can't stand living at home! I'm keeping my eyes open, but am certainly enjoying this new tactic of hers. It's working!

I'm off to the doctor's in a hour or so -- I've been having trouble with my right arm lately. My bones from the elbow through the wrist hurt whenever I rotate my forearm or try to grab or lift anything. I'm figuring arthritis, but have no idea who that would affect things other than the joints. Guess I'll learn more today -- wish me luck!

On to the reading -- we'll again pull two cards -- the first suggests something we should focus on for the week. The second suggests things we might consider in order to fully benefit from the attributes of the first card.

The cards are:

Six of Pentacles (Reversed)
Ace of Pentacles (Reversed)

These two cards make an interesting combination -- because of the reversals. Here's why:

The Six of Pentacles is generally a positive card -- it suggests sharing and giving to others. Helping people -- pretty positive, right? In order to share, you have to care first. Sharing doesn't always mean giving money or fiscal help -- it could be any material or emotional support that you "spend" in helping other people. Taking time to do some volunteer work, for instance -- or offering a friendly ear to someone who needs to talk out a problem.

When someone is sharing, someone else is receiving. So ... this card could suggest being on either side of the equation. I actually think you participate on both sides when you help others -- because helping other people always makes you feel good too.

The reversal can be puzzling, though. I normally see reversals as suggesting some delay in enjoying the attributes of the card ... or even some sort of distortion of the message. For instance, how can sharing be viewed in a negative view? Well, jealousy can come into play -- even being resentful of those in a more fortunate position. Perhaps even thinking that folks aren't helping enough -- or being grateful enough.

I'm thinking perhaps this distorted view should be the way we see this card at this time -- because the next card is also reversed. The Ace of Pentacles, like all aces, suggests enjoying some sort of new beginning. Perhaps a new project or venture ... or any other sort of professional matter. It could also suggest new physical benefits -- like enjoying the good feeling you might get when you help other people! (You see where I'm heading here?)

The reversal suggests you may find yourself blocked from realizing these benefits -- and the likely reason for the blockage is the reversed Six of Pentacles! So ... let's rethink this Six.

Try to spot the negative and distorted views of the Six -- I'm not suggesting that you find yourself doing this ... but perhaps you may find yourself affected by others doing it. Where and how can doing charitable and helpful deeds backfire? Could motives be suspect? "Why are they helping me -- what do they want in return?" What about jealousies? What about resentment? What can you do to help people focus on the positive message?

Sometimes you just can't -- some people are in places where they only see negative signals. Some people just don't want to be happy -- they enjoy being grumpy more. In those situations, don't let them drag you down -- try to stay above it. If there is a problem, it's their problem, not yours. What really matters is the positive deeds you perform -- and you should take pleasure in taking part in these deeds. Doing so will free you to fully enjoy the fiscal or physical benefits of the Ace of Pentacles.

And that's about it this week; I hope your weekend goes well and I look forward to seeing you again next week. As always, if you're interested in a private reading, please check out some of the super readers I work with -- they offer a free video chat, too!

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